I have this pulsating pain in my root chakra area and it’s reminded me it keeps coming up during meditation

Yes it does feel like kundalini (mine hasn’t fully raised…, sorta rises and drops, not got through crown chakra ever)

AT YOUR OWN RISK. You could visualize white gold light going down from you crown chakra and down your spine, through your base chakra. Or a white/gold light directed into your base chakra through your back…
You can imagine a fire, or light going up the spine and out the crown chakra.
Lastly, like Gopi Krishna, you can imagine the Ida current, water, filling the base chakra, ( if the pain is a heat sensation ).

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Are there some angels you feel comfortable enough with to ask for their assistance with it?

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Yeah I have asked… and actually today the pain moved up within my spine during meditation… it’s probably kundalini trying to get through some blockages or something

I do the middle pillar excercise fairly often so the light coming down thing is cool but it just seems this physical sensation that’s a bit painful is happening in my chakras atm

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