So, I was wanting to know your guys’ opinion on otherkin. My personal definition is someone who believes they’re something other than human on the inside, and I want to know if you guys are cool with that.

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I view otherkin as a possibility but seeing as everyone has most likely lived a nonhuman life a few times I don’t think it’s that simple. In my experience anyway.

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The definition tends to change based on who you’re talking to, in my opinion. I just needed to know if you guys are open to the concept of otherkin as a whole.

I’m still making sense of this for myself but I’m open to it. My entire life I never felt human on the inside. I felt like I belonged somewhere else entirely inhuman and not of this world

I see now that I’m not alone and that is nice to know


I identify as otherkin, but I don’t particularly want to say what I am at the risk of sounding somewhat cringey. I know this is a big forum and there’s bound to be some people who don’t like the idea of being otherkin but most of you dudes seem pretty nice in that regard. Besides, I’m sure you guys have heard of weirder things than a human feeling like they’re not what they were born as.

I spent time in the Otherkin community as a teenager. It wasn’t long before I completely rejected the community as a whole. The concept of otherkin (incoming UPG/personal opinion) comes from someones soul frequency resonating strongly with something else, like they strongly sync up with wolf/dragon/elf/whatever energy.

That being said, 99% of kin are full of shit. There is a small percentage of otherkin who’s aura and spirit actually resonate with what they claim to be, but they are few and far between.

(I feel like that have typed up this exact post here fairly recently…)



I think if nothing else the universe is a big place and there’s room for multiple universes worlds dimensions etc

Makes sense a magic practitioner would be someone who has traveled through those barriers and brings with them an otherworldly conciousness

It’s understandable you want to keep some things private to yourself

Also looking into jungian psychology and archetypes helps keep these sort of feelings grounded in the here and not while still being able to access them whenever you need. At least for me that has been extremely helpful

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“I sexually identify as a WOlfkin and if you don’t accepted that then GTFO off of my Tumblr page!!!”
I don’t believe in that like but I do feel it’s possible to be in a past life otherkin


I am a Jellykin :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: But seriously, why not? If there are spiritual beings, and universe is limiltless, there is a possibility of it that some other spiritual-species could incarnate. Dragons, demons, angels, wolfs, the hell,- anime girls and boys and other stuff.


I am Chlamydia Kin.
I just think that it can be real but most of the people take the piss.


This is a really good blog post I found about it: https://robjo.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/spotting-fake-otherkin-part-1-intro-and-angelkin/

It’s by a guy who knows his stuff on the matter. To be short and sweet: their are legit otherkin thats totally a thing that occurs. But most claiming to be arent and alot of groups “demonkin, angelkin, godkin” normally are full of shit.

But uh I don’t know much about it so read the link.


My thoughts exactly.

“Angels were put in this universe to beat the crap out of things. That’s their nature.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself!


For me it’s a person who had a past life that has strongly held an impression on their soul to a point a scan can pinpoint it or even divination.


Therian/Otherkin to me is escapism with a dash of roleplay, a pinch of selfishness and a gallon of narcissism.
No offense to all you Dragon/Wolf/Vampire-kin. I just think you are all full of shit.
I accept my humanity and you are no better than anyone else here in your denial.
Touchy subject for me. This is the last I will ever mention or comment on it.


Understandable based on your comment I think you have a bit of a misunderstanding of what otherkin is, being people who believe their soul is of another origins. Not people who reject their humanity, but either way I felt I should correct that to save possible newbies from thinking the same way.

Um, no.
I do not have any misunderstanding of what it is. Eventually they do reject their humanity. Again, I do not wish to comment as I would not want to turn this thread into what could eventually get me booted from here. Long story short I know people who are no longer with us because of this crap.

Its…possible as a phenomena, but by no means common. In my experience most of that community is teenagers trying to figure out their identity and latching onto something they think is “cool” and “different”


That’s fine and no not all reject their humanity that’s not otherkinity that’s a mental illness in my opinion, but all the same overgeneralizing in communities like these where newbies pop up all the time can create the wrong idea based on a single comment. But I will no longer address your comment as you wish.