Other ways to banish jinn?

I just did a search on here for “banish jinn” and literally only 3 threads popped up in the results. None of them answer my question.

I have Practical Jinn Magick, and already used the scatter jinn ritual in it a little while ago to banish another jinn that my enemy sent to interfere with me. It worked very well.

My enemy sent another jinn more recently (confirmed by my spirit allies, and it revealed itself to me), and I need to banish this one. This one is a nasty one, not like the first one who, despite his attempts to interfere with me, was actually quite affable. The thing is, I think it says in the book I have that once you scatter the jinn, you can’t work with them for about 6 months?

If that is the case, I’m not sure that repeating the ritual to scatter the jinn is going to work.

What other methods are there?

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You can ask the Jinn king of Thursday for help

Ask him to send you a Jinn who can help you get rid of this one

PS my bad - it’s not 6 months as I said in my original post. I can’t work with the Jinn for several weeks (up to 3 months) after scattering them. So I think I have a few more weeks before I can banish this jinn in this way.

You will not be able to work with the Jinn again for several weeks, and up to three months, after performing this. You may prefer to use protection magick to rid yourself of the Jinn, but it is usually ineffective. This will work, and even the Jinn that are called in the ritual will scatter from you with the rest.

Hargrove, Corwin. Practical Jinn Magick: Rituals to Unleash the Powers of The Fire Spirits (Kindle Locations 1337-1340). Kindle Edition.

Any suggestion for how to deal with the jinn in the meantime? Given their volatile nature…

Ask a non-djinn to remove them if you can’t do it yourself?

Use a better banishing? I mean not being able to work with an entire species for 3 months after a simple banishing seems pretty fucking stupid.

Protections fail if they’re too weak, a bunny and a bear both get hurt if you punch them hard enough. When I’ve worked with Djinn I’ve never had a problem with them really, even in regards to the ghuls. Of course I don’t really do it the traditional muslim way.

If the Djinn wants to hurt you, get a bigger friend to destroy it for you. Alternatively, if it’s bound to do it, just look at whats being used to bind it and mess with that, with any luck you can convince it to turn on the guy who sent it to you in the first place.

I struggled with mine since finishing puberty because it was linked to my ancestral line. I didn’t even realise what it was until a few months ago. I’m 37 now and only got it out of the house two months ago and now I know how it feels to be in its presence I can feel the attention when I leave the house.
Normally you can say any chant with intent and you are done. “Leave my house” or “You don’t like my shoes” it really doesn’t matter what you say as it is the intent.

If it is linked to your family then it is more tricky though as it (I say it as I haven’t had a meaningful conversation to know any different) has time to feed of fear, laugh at what it has done and generally feel superior. Don’t think that it can’t be done though as I did it and so can anyone.

Just don’t be silly and speak aloud anything to do with your Djinn. They don’t like electronics so if you feel your tormentors presence then sleep with the TV, PS4, X-Box, whatever as long as it has the white noise that these things produce.

Fear is their favourite food so learn to love fear. It will really tick it off if wakes you up and instead of being crippled by fear you love it (So much that you will still be left paralysed but not as confused and scared). It will then do something more drastic like shake the bed or growl to provoke a reaction from you as since you cant move it is normally expected that you would go back to a state that it can feed. Just pity it and love it despite the torment you have received from its attention.

U can try what I did below but ensure that you have enough tiny mirrors for every window in your house, and don’t get them out in front of anyone including yourself.

When I got mine out of the house I made a routine of sleeping after work after my missis went to work on her night shift so that there was a measurable time where I would be vulnerable.

I started getting ready for a nap on the sofa. When I was dropping off I got back up and sat there and plucked up my courage. I then said "I know you are there and can hear me. As you know I’m not scared anymore. Do you want to chat and maybe there is another way that I can sustain you without you being a prick and disturbing my sleep (I love a cat nap). If I can transfer some of my life force to you I will as I regenerate it. If you need me to draw blood then I will (Blood if their holy grail but they can’t take it). I will turn off all the electrics except the lamp at 20:00. You are welcome to sit on the other sofa in any form which you choose, hopefully a attractive one as I know some of you like partnering with mortals (Don’t accept a relationship with one unless you are prepared for a lover more jealous than any crazy mortal) and we can come to an accommodation.

I did as I said and waited. If you have had one troubling you for a long time you can feel if they close to you. I expected either a manipulation from a seductive deceitful manipulator but the form it chose was invisible. I reached to cut myself and then I said very simply “Get out of my house, get out of my house, get out of my house!” then got the tiny mirrors out and put them facing out of every window.

Now all I have to do is find a way to stop it ignoring me and latching on to a younger one of my family. I just need to break the link completely now as have a younger generation to protect so I am looking into that. Any advice on that would be much appreciated though and rewarded with much love x.

My approach was risky as I really put myself out there. I got it from how Djinn are banished from homes in Asia by commanding snakes three times to leave the house just in case it was a Djinn before throwing the snake out if it didn’t leave after the third ask.

I have also heard that an Imman can banish

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