Other timelines magick

There are some spells and meditations that are said to shift your consciousness to a different timeline. This to make your life circumstances better. Anyways, if I try this would it be bad for my goal? Let’s say I want to do the shift to purchase a ritual for hire from E.A. What would happen if the timeline shift makes me go to another one where EA is not as skilled as he is here? That is what I don’t want to happen. Some people don’t believe in parallel realities or other universes,so I would like to hear an experience of someone who has tried to do this.

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I believe in other universes just not parallel realities, because this is very close to sounding like LOA rather than actually shifting your consciousness to another timeline.


Dont know of any spell or meditation to do that sort of shift and If any i would see it more of a possibility to view the other timeline or univers. To actually do a shift then that other conciousness would have to take your place.
I doubt that you can make such a jump so to speak and at best you can view and that Will not give you benefits from that reality other then perhaps insights.
Then If you would have the skill to view s different timeline line like that then rest assure you have the skill to make whatever changes you want to your life here.

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I don’t have that power yet. But there are some meditations created for this purpose

Well still find it a little strange. If you basicly can hijack a better more succesful version of yourself then you could aswell bodysnatch someone else totaly that is more succesful in this time and space.
Seeing as meditation is a fairly ”calm” excersice i have a hard time Seeing what would make it work as a takeover as you would need to get the existing conciuense to take over your old life. That is a forced action and i cant see what sort of meditation would do that, i can understand tonuse it to Rune in to someone as that is basicly calling down and eavesdrop in a sense.
Got any linka or references to those meditations.

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I’ve heard about people attempting to do this on Reddit such as through r/dimensionjumping. That said, it’s not something I’ve ever had a desire to do myself.

You are a God. What’s ceasing you from transmutating yourself into the version you want to be in this reality? If there are qualities you wish were not present, you need to do shadow work if you want to cut off all the parts that no longer serve you. As the ancient Greek aphorism says, “Know Thyself”.

If you really want to explore dimensional jumping, you probably want to consort with a spirit that’s familiar with it and can advise whether it’s possible, foolish, what’s needed, et cetera. If you simply want to switch things up, become a Randonaut by joining the Fatum Project. Weird things have been found when you’re somewhere you normally never would be.

Regarding other dimensions/parallel realities/concurrent possible probabilities: from my understanding, you’re supposed to stay in your paddle of the wheel. Some people on salvia report accidentally leaving the wheel and undergoing the very unpleasant experience of going back into it.

r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix explores the idea of quantum immortality. People who have attempted suicide or nearly died in an accident caused by someone else remembering quite vividly actually dying. They have dual memories of both the version where they died and the version they miraculously survived. It seems that if you die before you’re supposed to, you’re shifted into the next closest reality: sometimes better, sometimes worse. The forum explores similar glitches such as time slipping (seeing/interacting with someone who had already left the home and this other version disappearing), disappearing and reappearing objects, a group of friends where half the group remembers a friend in the group while the other half does not, dimensional slips (temporarily entering another reality or receiving phone calls from another reality), et cetera.

While fascinating and fun to dream up explanations theoretically, it may all be false and common delusions. I lean more to being an agnostic believer though.


If there are infinite realities and timelines (I still intend to try making some “jumps” myself), you may create your working/set the intention so that the only change would be the one you want.

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But it would mess up rituals for hire as the seller may be less skilled in magic
if we shift

Its naive to think drinking some water from a cup will make you shift to another reality honestly.


Is the only intention of this to be able to afford some work done by EA?
Meditation Will not let you acomplish a ”teleportetion” to another body of a more succesful version of yourself.
And If we say its possible then theres an infinet versions of yourself trying to do the same to the same target as yourself so then you would be kicked out to another reality again by another version of yourself since an infinite numbers of yourself are more skilled in magic then you and living a shittier life and want to improve.
If you want work done by EA then i think your only way is to find a way to get the money here in this world.
And a word of advise i have high respect for EA and many other Magicians but its more worth to learn to do the work yourself then have others do it so i would save the money for books and courses that may benefit you more in the end.



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@anon84896414 , would you need Koettings rituals if you could shift to another reality? Come on man, get a grip already.

Anyone can do magic, but if your energy body is not trained or enhanced, you may still go through the second death. If it is real

What does it have to do with anything I have said?

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I would hire to enhance astral body rather than mundane magic

Well as i said i have all respect for Koetting and i like the books and courses provided by Balg and this great forum, however for many the magic services provided the price is fairly high and sure If you have the money by all means but their services but personaly inspired rather learn to do the work for myself so i dont need to depend on others.
And clearly OP’s general intention seems to get work done by EA but seems to not be able to afford it.
But i do second your statement @Sovereign Why not then shift to a place not needing the work its a better solution indeed😄

So @anon84896414 Why dont you focus on learning to engangemang your astral body then? Dont you think that would be a better focus point then trying to jump to a different reality and have someone else do the work for you?


Well astrally is different than physically. I can have all my physical needs met, but that won’t give me psychic abilities.

Well EA said he gives attunements for more power. Only those who are attuned can give attunements.