Other sites besides BALG which offer Evocation services

Are there other sites besides BALG which offer spirit evocation services?

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Weren’t you the one trying to help me saying you evoked Jesus and Lucifer at the same time?

yes, and?


why not do it yourself? Anytime you trust other people, there’s the chance of getting scammed.

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i can try by myself, but I dont know, im losing faith in my magick

Unfortunately, we cannot link to, or advertise, any such sites, as it is against the rule of this forum.

ah ok, theres so many rules lol

What are you losing your faith in?

Are you not getting results?

Self doubt?

mostly that, sometimes I do, but I used to be real good, then I went through abuse by parasites, got fucked over and now im starting from square one, but its more difficult than last time I believe

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I am strong believer of grounding and taking breaks, you haven’t lost what you gained but you might be over extendeding that everything feels more difficult.

Make sure nothing is draining you, get back to your roots and then see how you feel.

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im basically just trying to live a mundane life with no magick right now

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The I honestly Recommend not hiring someone. If they are real they might tell you something you expect and it might do more harm then good.

I would walk away completely ground, re balance and then do it yourself when you are healthier.

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i probably should have specified with no magick done on my part

how would it do more harm than good exactly?

Ok let’s say you were working with Odin (Norse’s gods came to mind). For years and years and years. You are invested so on. Then someone you hires tell you no this is Odin I can see and hear who it really is. It is Loki he has been messing with you this whole time. When does you mental state go? Your ego or confidence?

I thought I’d reply as I’m trying to evoke Odin but feel like its not working, however I come with mental health problems ha ha!

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I totally just used him because he and Loki were the first two to pop in my head (probably means o need to go back to learn runes). I don’t have experience with Norse gods and goddesses, but how are all of your senses? Mental health issues do not mean you can’t do Magick you just might have one extra Mountain to climb.

I’d say you would have a better understanding of me than I have of myself, my self view is incredibly distorted, tried the medical route but hitting brick walls.

My experience so far is failed love spells and meditating on Wunjo rune, seeing Berkana instead.

I wont say “I can’t actually do any magick” purely on the basis that I cant actually say I’ve given it 100%, regardless how hard I try ha ha, my mind is either racing or empty

You need to learn to focus.You are jumping all over the place. Magick is not a shortcut, and it takes just as much focus and discipline as martial arts does.

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oh ok, now i get what you mean

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I’m working on it, training myself on affirmation meditations, found one that actually put me in an electric mood