OT Scam

Hi All,
I was recently scammed by a “self” called witch…
She basically milked me and made a lot (lot…) of spells in the name of Lucifer, Belial, and so many others that I better not mention.

One thing that turned on my curiosity… once I mentioned this forum, she told me to stay away. Lately I discovered that she was banned. She said first that she fought you (Admin) for six month, then she said that she was dating one of the guys here and that’s why she was banned.
after that she wanted to prove that your spells and work are useless.

then she changed name on various forum and disappeared after I told her that I will report this to you.

now my very question is: if someone get paid for a spell and invoke/evoke any entities that she is not allowed to do, what can happen?

Most of all, why is she so much scared about you?

That depends on the entities and the person. At best, they don’t show up. At worst, they give her a surprise party.

Concerning the rest of it, if she didn’t take payment for stuff in here, then she hasn’t broken the rules. Since she’s banned, this likely didn’t happen (unless that’s why she got banned).

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I think he’s referring to the one that has since made YouTube videos bashing this site and some of the members. I’d say it’s possible this guy got scammed, as she seemed to be on some sort of revenge spree.

The forums don’t have anything to do with us getting scammed however, and even discourage paying for work you could and should attempt for yourself. I can see value in the newer members getting consultations that help them build what they should do in steps when everything else has failed, but rarely in paying for the work being done by someone else. How you would choose who to consult with idk- I’ve aided a few people like this, not from the forums but essentially in creating a step by step approach in taking back their life and getting to it with magic as an aid.

I’m not sure what the op means by entities she isn’t allowed to work with- I often work with beings that heritage says I can’t, so I’m not sure why she wouldn’t be allowed to work with any being out there.

Why does she hate or fear the people here? Imagine she made someone angry and she’s afraid of being outed for something or harmed- given the nature of what we do around here.

Seems the only the enemy she has however, is herself.


That seems questionable, I do 99% of the active moderation on here and there is no-one who has “fought” for 6 months, and nor have I banned anyone for dating a member, the very idea is preposterous. As far as I know (I can see the list of who’s banned and by whom) neither Timothy nor E.A., the actual admins, have banned anyone for ages.

The thing is, I have to request this topic stay to answering this:

And that may require more clarity on the “allowed” part, since I’m not sure what that means?

That’s to prevent this topic inadvertantly becoming a “review” because those are not permitted on here (vendors can’t respond due to our rules on advertising is one of the main reasons, also this is the website of a business so reviewing other practitioners could confuse people about who is accredited, etc).

Secondly, we do have a rule against starting topics about banned members, which is a standard thing to prevent excess drama, though people can always PM if they have concerns about why someone was banned, and the reason is usually shown on their profile anyway. While your post isn’t a drama post of the type this is intended to prevent, it could end up going that way.

But if you can please give more clarity on the reason she’s not “allowed” to evoke entities, that should be helpful to the first part of your question. :+1:


By not allowed I mean that since she’s a fake and a scammer (that is already been proved) she got paid for fake spells with candle, poppets, various altar in the name of Lucifer, Belial, Kali and so on.
So my point is: could you fake spells in the name of them? Moreover taking money for it?

Yes. Any con artist can fake anything. Someone once sold a bridge they didn’t own…
All it takes is the victim trusting the wrong person.


I don’t know if I am going too much OT, just in case let me know.

So are you basically telling me that I could make easy money just burning a candle, write a petition and put the sigil of any entity without pissing off anyone or without repercussions? (customer excluded)

No I didn’t say that. I said exactly what I meant, no more no less.