I’m researching this god for personal reasons. I’ve searched this forum but can’t find much to go on. I’ve Googled but I’m only getting the bog-standard copy/paste info.

What are Osiris’ powers? Can he be called via the usual way of petitioning i.e. sigil, candle, incense? Is there anything to be aware of when working with this one?

Are there any useful, free resources about working with Osiris in a magickal/occult sense?

Many thanks.


if you pm me,i actually have a section in one of my grimoires about him. and im willing to share it with you, just not post it here because its not ready to be published


Thanks, much appreciated. I’ll PM you now.

I consider myself to be married to him because I have a Horus baby.

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He’s a Phoenix.

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One very interesting fellow.
He can allow you to skinwalk…see through anothers eyes…feel their emotions…hear their thoughts. I can share a joutnal entry later…


Ask for visions , evoke , invoke , it’s up to you