Oshún (Orisha), Aphrodite(goddess) , Lakshmi


Just curious:

Is it possible to work with all 3 at the same time without having any conflicts? Example : Lakshmi for abundance, Aphrodite for love and Oshún for lust /sex?

Can they all be placed on the same altar seeing they are all
I see an altar in my mind with Aphrodite at the top, slightly lower to one side is Oshún and to the other Lakshmi.

Ask them if they’re okay with sharing the same space. If so, go for it.

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Oshun doesn’t like to share. I suggest you give Oshun her own space. I know this because Oshun is my mother, I’ve been an initiated Lucumi priestess for 15 years.
I take it you’re not an initiate, so you haven’t received Oshun. Still in all you must treat Oshun with respect, She demands it and She doesn’t play 2nd fiddle to anyone. (that’s a play on words because violins are played for Oshun).


Since you have been in the priesthood for some time, im wondering if you’d like to answer some of my questions. In the goetia vessuvian spirits would love an offering if chocolate covered with cinnamon and roses…anything sweet really. I would also add something like water and Incensd that reflects Venus and or moon and water (myrrh might work here). Does this apply to the Orisha Oshún seeing she has power over love and water? Does she have favorite offerings?

I hear that the Orishas take over the bodies of the magician / priest, is this always true when they are called?

Can non initiates work with Orishas with success? For example if I needed help in love and sex and lust, with the right offerings done in a respectful way, would she help?

Thank you :pray:

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They will help you :slight_smile: This site has some good basic info on her. She is amazing. :sunflower::honey_pot:


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That was to Solimar.

To whom?i I don’t understand please clarify.

I was talking to a different user, not you.


This is what I was taught by my elders who initiated me. The consensus is that only initiated Olorishas (priests) can be possessed by their crowned Orisha. When the non-initiated or Aleyo is possessed it is by the spirit of the dead, many times that eggun/spirit of the dead was an Olorisha.
Since non-initiates don’t have consecrated Orisha that have been received at Ocha/crowning/initiation or via Santo lavado (washed by a priest) the non initiate can give offerings to Orisha at their element in nature, when done with respect. Never demand anything of an Orisha, especially Oshun because it won’t go well–ask respectfully and pray.
Not all Olorishas have the ache (power) to be possessed by Orisha. Some Olorishas excel at working with spirits of the Dead and there fore are only possessed by those spirits. (note: spirits of the Dead tend to work much faster than Orisha)
Myrrh is bitter, don’t use that with Oshun----go to a river if you can or in a pinch a lake to make offerings and petitions. Champagne poured in the water would be a big hit–pink champagne ----She loves fine sweets, honey is a favorite and 5 pennies.
hope this helps


Pumpkins too she loves those.

It does help , thanks a lot.

Which Orisha is thé specialist of the dead and death? I am a natural born necromancer🙂

Look into Oya!

Orisha Yewa is a very mysterious Orisha who lives in the cemetery and works with the dead.


Wow, I’m a Native Yoruba. I’m so glad the Ifa religion is pretty much alive.

The original word for “Aleyo” is “Alejo” which means “Stranger” in the Yoruba Language.

Any experiences with Orunmila?

I have always admired him.


Funny i just read this lol i just posted a topic about my dream. i had a dream and i was chanting “ode ode ode , ase ase ase “ and one of those clay dolls came to life . I’ve never heard or even knew about any of this . I looked it up and this is exactly what i saw . Have you heard this before ? Again never heard of any kind of Yorub stuff or even Santería lol @SoliMar @Tobirush

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I’m an Oya gal. If you have questions you can PM me.

“Ode, ode, ase ase” means “he/she has come, he/she has come, amen, amen”. Perhaps, an orisha wants to speak to you. Ase.

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