Ose from the goetia

Has anyone worked with ose? My confusion is when it said ose can bring out deceptive skills. Does that mean he can teach you how to tell if someone’s lying or he can teach you how to be deceptive and be successful at it. Or both.

Thanks! It’s just a little confusing


I haven’t worked with him, you can ask him though! “Bring out deceptive skills” sounds like it litterly means that he can help bring those out, so if you wanna learn how to lie and get away with it, he could help with that. I think in order to learn how to be deceptive, one would need to know how to regonize that in others as well – so I’m sure he wouldn’t have a problem with teaching you that too.

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I have worked with Ose.

He reveals shady, deceptive people for you. Literally puts a spotlight on them for you. He is generally receptive and good and gave me fairly quick results in all that I asked. Two weeks after I asked for something, He delivered.

Hope this helps.