Orphic hymns can summon Greek Gods?

I want to start working with the Greek pantheon. I am in the process of doing research on how I may work with the deities, hence this topic on this forum. Are the orphic hymns ok to use on their own to summon the Greek Gods?


Absolutely. They were my hymns of choice. If you can sing them in Greek, more power to you.


Cool. It seems the Orphic hymns are legit, given that i have seen many praise them.So all I essentially need are the Orphic hymns without any additional incantations,e.t.c? once i recite the hymn, i can proceed to communicate with the deity through divination device?

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Absolutely. I have done something similar with my work with the Archangels.

I would recite the hymn no less than 3 times, with purpose (though the more, the better I think). That is a fantastic way to pull you into the TG Sync/ Gnostic Trance. Burn some incense and scry into it, or a dark mirror.


The greek deities love red wine and incense (frankincense is wonderful). Use khernips (a burning sprig of rosemary plunged into a bowl of clean water with appropriate banishing incantations, then used to wash oneself and sprinkled about the space, altar, and gifts), then light the charcoal and recite the hymn to the deity. Pour them an offering of wine and burn incense. You may wish to approach Hermes first, as he is the messenger between them and you can consecrate some nifty coins to him for use in divination with the other deities. And since you wish to work with these deities, Hermes is definitely a go to guy as gate keeper.


What are the proper Greek banishing incantations to say?

Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi (Hay kaws Hay kaws aystay Baybaylee)
Translated: Away, away all ye profane ones!

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‘‘Εκάς, Εκάς, εστέ βέβηλοι’’ is the right pronunciation…

Hekas=e cash(the ‘‘e’’ sounds like the e from the word ‘‘end’’) and the ‘‘cash’’ as it is at english with a clear S at the end…

Este uses the same '‘e’'sound (End)

Bebeloi=Vevili (same ‘‘e’’ sound as above and the ‘‘i’’ is the clasic e english vowel)…
Use the greek tonals in every word…Hope that helps

Thank you very much, people. Very informative stuff!
Will implement it this weekend in actual ritual.

I know this is a very old thread but on the Greek version of the orphic hymns comes the appropriate incense for each God, Planet etc. If you are still interested let me know and i will make up a sheet so that everybody can benefit.


I am interested please make that sheet

Totally interested!

Sun: (ѳυμίαμα λιβανομάνναν) = Frankincense possibly mixed with Manna: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manna

Moon: (ѳυμίαμα ἀρώματα) = ‘αρώματα’ in Greek means literally ‘perfumes’ therefore it doesn’t specify what perfumes

Saturn: (ѳυμίαμα στύρακα) = Storax

Jupiter: (ѳυμίαμα στύρακα) = Storax

Mercury: (ѳυμίαμα λίβανον) = Frankinsence

Venus: Doesn’t mention anything

Mars: (ѳυμίαμα λίβανον) = Frankincense

I can imagine back then in ancient Greece all these exotic types of incenses like Dragon’s Blood, Sandalwood, etc. were not available.


Yes please.


Roses also work for Sun

It’s “perfumes”