Orobas said... wishish ish alish... what does it mean

I was about ready to park and felt a dream state come on whiley radio was going bezerk… I heard… wishish ish alish… please ftlog tell me what it means
I’m sure it was orobas

He was drunk–talk to him when he’s sober.

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It was you just need to call on him to see

Asking him would probably be your best bet


Well, it’s pretty well-known that he does have a wild side, this is a distinct possibility.

In response to OP, get in touch with him, and see where it takes you. Or, meditate on the words themselves.

I’ve wound up saying some pretty bizarre s*** while I was under possession or trance, so this may be the case for you.

Out of curiosity, are you currently looking for a job?

I ran that phrase through a couple of filters, admittedly, I used a couple of translator apps, and it translates to “wish a job, get a job.”

Uzbekistan if you’re interested what it translated from.

Ive found lots of interesting things because of google translate