Orobas help

Prove it, otherwise everyone will see how null your claims are and you’ll post further only to not be taken seriously.[/quote]

Do you even know what he’s referring to? Once again your “Prove it” bullshit adds nothing to the discussion and points out you don’t have a basis for your argument.

If your not opposed to working with angels I’d suggest working with Michael to stop Orobas from wreaking further havoc. Not every time shit goes bad from working with a demon is it testing you, I don’t know where that came from but damn… A spirit is no different than anything else, if it can take an inch or mile it will.

I don’t have a basis for my argument? It looks to me like Poete doesn’t. So my “prove it” isn’t bullshit.

I have to agree that while entities will “test” you, they will also pull that crap far more, the more you let them, so one time is maybe enough in any given situation, and after that it’s obedience (or at least, compliance) or GTFO.

Source of my opinion: experience, and especially re: “give them an inch” stuff.

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I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the person on this forum that sent an angel to me that got rid of whatever it was that was troubling me. I felt and saw its power :slight_smile:

You will be pleased to know that I’ve burnt the sigil of Orobas
and will not be contacting any of those Goetic Demons for a
long time.

The main experience I had with a Goetic demon was Bune.
By just charging his sigil I made $1600 in one month.
However.The next month my cash cow disapeared and I was left in finacial turmoil for about 2 weeks.

I think however it was a lesson of some sort.

I think he was trying to tell me “Dude I gave you $1600 and instead of making a smart investment you blew it all.Now look at you”

[quote=“Poete Maudit, post:15, topic:2503”][quote=“Orismen, post:11, topic:2503”][quote=“Elison, post:10, topic:2503”][quote=“Orismen, post:9, topic:2503”]The Goetia is a hotly debated topic and seemingly no one has any uncontestable answers. But I will give you a hint that I have found through working with a few of them.

They are intimately connected to you and all of us in deep ways. Only thing is…they are far more aware of this connection than we are.

I hope this helps,

Well it’s quite logical they are connected to us. We are the microcosmic image of God… God has 72 names, so they are automatically connected to us… Then there are 72 demons, which is obvious they are connected to us.[/quote]

Oh snaps, I dug a hole and Elison dropped knowledge in it.[/quote]

That’s not knowledge; it’s a stinking pile of horseshit.[/quote]

The topic that Goetia is not complete would be true. This is the feeling that I get when I started working. The feelings and the sensations with this spirits are too intense in comparison with other grimoires in my experience.

The problem are in the Hierarqui, theres many versions of Goetia around there with different tables of hierarquies. Probably theres some decent copy or translantion more complete?


Prove it, otherwise everyone will see how null your claims are and you’ll post further only to not be taken seriously.[/quote]

Where are Lucifer, Amaymon, Oriens and Egyn in the fucking list of 72, you bumbling halfwit? There are more than 72 spirits in the hierarchy, even going just by the text of the spirit descriptions in the Ars Goetia itself, which would bring us to at least 74 spirits. I already have ‘proved’ it countless times, but fuckwits like you refuse to listen to logic and textual evidence.

I hope there is no problem with breaking forum rules in showing disrespect for long-banned members.

No, they are NOT gods. Have you ever worked with a real god? I bet you didn’t and you’re just an armchair theorist who thinks he knows better than everyone.[/quote]

The Four Kings are ancient Persian - or rather Indo-European - deities who are among the most prominent of the servants of the God of Light. It’s evident you’re the one who has never evoked an actual one of them.

Orobas tends to be as nice as a demon can be. He’s actually quite honest . Offer him a bag of oats , an egg and a blue candle anoited with your blood (extracted safely with a diabetic lancer). Also try a glass of water with sandalwood incense and myrrh