Orobas gave me a message that I would join him in the battle against the archons again. Since he said again would that be a mistake or am I just that old

I mean I was created by a creature that was here in the beginning of creation.
Which. Could mean I’m old as creation too right? And if I’m as old as creation. Why the hell would I wanna reincarnate?

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The spirit may have created you later in its life.


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Why do you call a spirit an it?
Confused :neutral_face:

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Jam donuts, they don’t serve those in the Void. :+1:


True. Only turnips and very thin coffee in the void.


Can’t you manifest it? Like buy some,create energetic copy into a sigil, then pull some out when you want to.

I sometimes write about all the reasons why I love his world, but my coffee machine is the real reason.
I love you Albert.


I usually get just candies :frowning:


Jam donuts…Coffee…these are things I can’t live without.


This thread has 70% of everything BALG is about.


I don’t know the gender

Wasn’t a joke

Not necessarily.

You could have been created at any point after the beginning of Creation. For all you know, your soul could be a hundred years old.

We usually don’t have control over what we reincarnate into, though I have heard of exceptions that deliberately incarnate onto this plane. Their reasons for that vary. Some want to experience the physical plane for themselves. Others might be in hiding.

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I only came here for caramael Frappuccino’s they don’t taste as good in the fifth density , is incarnating here and suffering all the problems of the human experience worth it ? YES


There isnt really indication that you are as old as creation, “archons” arent all “insanely old beings” and the term archon is used for many things not just the concept of “those evil bois that humanity thinks cares about feeding on them” even the primordial Gods use the term archon in their “heirarchy”

but like prophet mentioned it doesn’t mean you were created in the beginning of creation.