Orismen's Runetastic Rune Reading Review

So I got a rune reading from Orismen and was highly impressed. He took the time to explain the meaning of each rune and the context it aged in the casting in an articulate and easily understandable fashion. He picked up on things that others have noticed who have done readings for me. I feel his reading was very accurate and straightforward.

If this guy goes into business for himself you should definitely seek his services. I will definitely be looking to him again when I want a second opinion on my own readings.

Thank you very much for the generous offer you gave to the forum it is appreciated.


I second.

Got a reading from the “guess the sigil!” stuff and you can believe me guys, Orismen divination skills surpas by far his drawing skills.

I asked about loving situation, which is not something I usually ask about, and it was a 3 rune reading.

He hitted the nail pretty well, I mean, I realized that after the reading, it took the confusion away with both the insights and the advices.

So yeah, totally thankful and recommend 100%.

Keep it Krusty Oris.

God I hope so, lol.

Thank you, both of you.