Origins of the deities we call


One idea is that they exist like we do in fixed places and time(time is imperfect but don’t ask me how, its just what I learned from a wise priest during confession). However, they can push their energies and will through other beings that fulfill their will, thus the illusion that they are in different places at the same time. Or another way to think of it is that we access their realm at the same time, thus they appear to be in multiple places at the same time. Those are just my thoughts on the subject; feel free to comment.

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But at the topic at hand, it’s my belief that spirits are all just aspects of our subconscious. And magicians bypass the conscious mind by using images and sounds that cause a connection with the subconscious mind. I am much more interested in how we can access the latent and infinite ability within us through more direct means instead of through the theater of ritual.


If you’re interested in the old testament, I recommend reading the book of King David, the book of the Psalms. Take what you can from it, use verses from it in your magic; it’s a really powerful and inspiring book.

“Love God above all, and your neighbor as yourself…”


There is no Book of King David. His story is found in the First and Second Books of Samuel.


By “Book of King David” I’m referring to the Book of the Psalms.


I’m not ruling out this possibility either. In fact, I think it’s a combination of this and what @Silent mentioned earlier.

All of this just makes me think that these beings are far more powerful than we could imagine.


From what I’ve learned as an Orthodox Christian and an Orthodox Alchemist, is that God entered creation; He became an intimate part of it by becoming man so that man could partake of God. With this belief and faith in Him all things are possible. We should invoke His spirit more often, and I’ve written a short invocation for this purpose:

Invoking the Holy Ghost


“Do all things for the Glory of God…”

In the name of the Father of Lights,
the Restoration of Beauty, and the Perfector.

O Sublime Wonder, Ghost of Truth, Spirit of Ecstasies; we invoke Your name and evoke Your presence into this temple. Gather Your energies of the four elements: earth, wind, water, and fire combine, gather Your energies and make them mine, and make them ours for You are all in all and soon will be. Grant us the comfort we desire, peace to our souls, and the courage and patience to get thru any cross(challenge) in this fallen life. We ask you to come and dwell in us and cleanse us from all inner darkness and anxiety, and grant us Your comfort and protection


Don’t worry or be anxious if you don’t feel His presence right away. He’s like a wind that blows where it wants. He comes and goes…


If that works for you, good for you, but I won’t be bound to the illusory creations of my own mind.


Anyone into Destiny lore this vid has some funky info you guys might find interesting about origins of god like entities “The 9” at least in the Canon of this franchise. the Hive organisms have a deep complex religious/magic belief system I think some parts of it could be practiced in real world setting. The wyrm gods are pretty interesting too.