Origins of the deities we call


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Be gentle this is my first post. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on the origin of the beings we call and ask to do our bidding?
I understand that we pull them through the spiritual plain, but were they always a form of consciousness of energy being able to seamlessly move through the plains at their will or were they an earlier form of being on this world or maybe even from another planet altogether?
What I mean by that last part is that the Sumerians believe that the Anunnaki came frome the heavens and as they left the land was as fire. Bearing in mind there are close to a million tablets and only a handful of people able to read and decipher them. So new things are learnt and change constantly. What i really mean is when we stroll or call upon these dieties, are they themselves astral walking from there planet and coming to us ? Or were they always a born energy ? Either way they are far more advanced than us.


I think wrapping my head around how are people calling on the same entities, even though they can’t be at the same places at once, is a far more intriguing question than their origins.

Seems nobody wants to touch this or the subject of time.


Yeah it blows my mind but I cannot help ask, curious mind. Its a question always debated when your wasted. Trouble is I can’t put that down. Just watched a doc on sumer and old testament. That blows me away aswell
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What we summon is only pieces of the universal forces and their representations, that’s why many people can summon the same entity and/or its masks, at the same time, in different places, and interact with them separately.
No extraterrestrial being is walking over from a galaxy far far away to your temple/bed/bathroom to have a chit chat.


So would that mean we could also learn to duplicate or separate ourselves on the astral plain to be in two places at once because on the plain time isn’t a harden fast rule as it is in the realm we live in. Surely we could learn to manipulate that as they do ?


I fucking knew it. I’ve said that, but this one snitch kind of called what I was saying slander.

Silent, you’re a brave soul, if in fact we are being slanderous. Thank you for the confirmation, my lady.


Its called omnipresence (all-present) and it’s one of the 3 god powers along with omnipotence (all powerful) and omniscience (all knowing). And yes we can obtain these powers and achieve godhood, we are in the “become a living god” forum, aren’t we? :wink:


Very true thank Mr Silent. Have to say bit gutted ET isnt popping over for a chit chat :cry:


Aww I’m sorry :smiley:


I heard that they have the ability to send clones of themselves to different people.


I thought it was something like that. Althought I interpret it more as those clones being servitors with pieces of their consciousness.


It’s them, but more like a customized version that interacts with you, and this version may be very different from the version that others get. One person might see an entity as a black dragon or whatever, and another person on the other side of the globe simultaneously interacts with the same entity appearing as a beautiful young princess. They are multidimensional beings, and we also interact on multiple levels all the time, but are only conscious of this thing we mutually agreed upon calling “reality”, which is but one layer.


That made me laugh. Also i made an assumption upon your name and I am sorry if that was incorrect. You know what they say about assumption well it is always correct.


So these multidimensional beings get from us is, when we call is energy from us allowing them to expand their consciousness and that into the power to do as we have asked on this plain?


Yes, pretty much. You basically tap into their “current”, which is not bound to the limitations of our physical realm.


Many in the demonic spirit realm claim creation through the elements of nature and the universe and supposedly elements to rule each part of the Earth.They are Fire, Air, Earth, and Water from these basic elements other elements have been created for example lightening.

The 4 elements reflects an ancient belief that all things are composed of some combination of earth, fire, air and water. The four elements laid the base for alchemy and medicine until the 17th century.


That is very interesting, but how does that explain the other realms as they not made of these elements unless from another planet. I know i joked about E T but the Sumerians believed in and have written knowledge many hundreds of years before they should have known it. Also another view says , life we know on this planet was supposedly brought upon an asteroid albeit bacteria and such like but, they are the rudamentary blocks of life. Earth as in soil, is a combination of ground rock and decayed matter (in which case something was living before it died to produce it)in different balances. So what gave them the first power enough current for them to exist ?


It’s fine, I got it :ok_hand:


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Yes, learn about bilocation. There are several examples of this among Catholic saints and Hindu yogis. St. Padre Pio is the most recent case of bilocation in the Catholic Church’s history. Being in two places at the same time is a very possible action.