Original Meditation's and energy works ❤️

So the concept is we all take turns posting original Meditation s and energy workings.

So a fun one I designed was once you have peace in meditation you form an ice orb in your dominant hand then slowly shape that orb into an umbrella hold it up over you then summon fire over your entire body if you can summon a purification fire and then enjoy the water dripping down on you while the umbrella melts.

Another fun meditation I designed was find a relaxing location in nature typically I lay in the grass with my head resting on a tree then I form roots all throughout my body going into the soul beneath me, I allow my body to become brown as the soil declair that you absorb water from the soil or alternatively which I recommend the alternative only after doing the normal. Assighn your stagnent energy to be used as fuel the water in the meditation. Now while eyes closed being brown and while you breath in absorb the sunlight and make your brown body glow golden yellow, you can also do moonlight or both at same time and left moon right sun. Then as you breath out just enjoy the view ou will blossom with plant life flowers and pretty things, when you use moonlight you grow mushrooms and stuff of that sort. When you assign your stagnent energy to be used it’s not as pretty but way more beneficial you will be an overgrown weed garden or sonthing of that sort. For those who have the ability to connect to other planets try using there energy there light I haven’t done it yet but I’m sure the results will be amazing with never befor seen plant life or maybe just specific types of plants that allighn with the planet. So yea please post results if your able to do the other planets if you have a tuneing fork allighned to another planet it would help in linking you to it.

So an idea I used just recently was to face east at dawn and then form a golden orb of air energy once you achieve this attempt to connect the orb with the air around you teaching out as far as you can when I did that I immediately seen myself from a high above point of view and part of the city glowing gold around me then absorb the elemental energy into yourself, you might notice the air almost taste different afterwards because it’s not charged anymore.

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Focus on the energy of love itself while meditating then touch your heart and repeat the word love and form the energy all around you for me it’s purple but I’m sure some will use green because heart color that’d your choice. Once you feel you got the love energy radiating from within you surrounding you use the command “love everywhere” when I do this I’ll see planets and stars flash past my sight all being engulfed in the purple aura. I started with forming a blackhole and filling it with love condensing more and more until I’d break it and it would shockwave out projecting the energy you can try that as well or just touch heart and let it out.

So find a picture of all your minor chakra points throughout your body, then focus one by one creating a tunnel a funnel or roots from each point and connect it to the earth I recommend using a tunnel or funnel and asking the earth to bless it to be roots when connected so ou see it change, after connecting all of them to the earth and grounding yourself completely try extending the tunnel to the sun or create small tornadoes on each point absorbing the sun light to power up the point after balancing it.

So our crown chakra has many leaves so when energising it I’ll try to picture small branches and leaves being formed all over my head while I breathe in then when I breath out I form them together into a braided crown, while doing this with Lilith’s attention I ended up in a dark forest and a owl laid an egg in my nest of a crown.

So my dad showed me a way for energy work to get it flowing good using extension of tendons, with arms Infront of you touch your finger tips together and only bend the furthest most join apply pressure trying to make your plans touch but allign your palms even or below the line created from elbow to elbow this kicks your energy levels up pretty good, you can focus on creating an orb between hands or just connecting your fingers and hand chakras together, when connecting them notice that when you seperate your hands still keeping the tendon tight bending only the outer join that you can see the energy web between your fingers and hopefully a larger one from middle of palm to palm if you don’t see the palm on try again and focus on it it’s a main chakra and isn’t activated as easily from the tendons like the flow from the fingers are.

So a fun thing to do after you create the energy web between your fingers is to cut it and keep it attached to all your fingers then you bring hands up to your forehead and attach them to your brain as your move your hands from front o back of head say a command word a focus on what the energy is doing be creative there’s alot of synergy in this

I’ll add more ass I think of others I’ve done or new ones to try, everyone feel free to add our original ideas or post known ones with link to source for ones you like.


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Ps I’d love to learn some new things to try plz post yours.

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I like listening to these guided meditations from Satan and sons sometimes post ritual or between rituals. I use a blindfold and noise cancelling headphones


I got like ten minutes into it until everything around me got noisy someone else got home like when I first started one of the guys turned off the TV and I had silence but then others came home started asking me questions.
So when it first started talking about going to her palace I seen the pyramid with floating eye above it but it was her black and shined a light to me but then shortly afterwards she showed up and kept taking me by the hand or showing me a pathway to get me to her palace and befor the meditation even spoke of being there they were still gathering energy and were like outside of it or sonthing I allready showed up Ina bed room two huge chairs next to each other in middle of room then like 10 maybe 15 feet behind them she was laying down ona bed she was waiting on me then I was like I’ll sit at the foot on the other side then she leaned over pulled me closer and kissed me. Then yes she mounted me but the meditation Instructions had me like trying to look out the window to see where I was supposed to be at then I’m like lay back down you fool then I seen her put shackles on me :grin:. I tried doing self hypnosis to amplify my effect on her but she sorta was just looking not until I said it works did it kick in and make things better for her. But yea then the interuptions and all of that and now I’m posting. I love my Mommy Lilith sucks I sorta just bailed on her like that but I’m sure she understands last time I did a guided meditation for her it brought me to a special tree and she appeared on mother’s day I gave her foot then scalp rub. The blanket part was nice. They started with charging your three lower chakras but went down at them nornally when working them to activate you work from bottom up crn when working to unblock you go from base through other chakras. I would have liked them to of worked the crown chakra since she has power over the crown. So yea here’s some results from me on yours Sharon post results of “you on mine” :grin: I wanna know if you get the webs formed or not,

Well anyways yea everyone post some thanx for sharing Sharon,.

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I tried the spider web meditation facing a blank wall and also rubbed my palms together a little before I started, then after I saw a shadow of a web on the wall and the energy web between my palms when I separated them was indigo and blueish?
I closed my eyes when I brought the energy web fragments closer and drew them into me and see lots of yellow gold prisms and very vaguely and briefly like the edge of a Pagoda with leaves and branches in front? Sorry random af ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Not random added nicely glad you could see the energy manafest when doing the practice

I’m not sure how original this is but I don’t remember reading it. It’s a cleansing using the four elements because I love being outside. When the wind kicks up, I imagine it as being white. Instead of flowing around me, it pushes through me and black contaminates flow out of me into the air. That’s my favorite. I also ground by imagining roots growing out of my feet and air roots from my fingertips. They pulse out negativity and drink in clean white energy from the earth. (Sometimes I envision myself growing leaves.) A warm enough rain storm doesn’t occur often, but all of us have probably done some type of spiritual cleansing in the shower. The hardest one for me to envision is the sun. I prefer to absorb it and hold its energy. But sometimes I think of it as a white light that burns off anything unwanted which goes flying off of my body like black ash.

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Thanks for sharing I definitely do the roots and growing leaves but I’ll check out the wind blowing into and through you, just recently I’ve been relying on dark matter it’s been a strong hold for me.