Origin of the Left Hand Path

I reached back in time with my soul and mind to search the immaterial records of thought and emotion. My intention was to tap into the akashic records and learn the true origin of the Left Hand Path which had been lost to time and popular dilution. I saw back to ancient Egypt. There were conmen who went out declaring miracles and creating spectacles, often taking advantage of the masses. In those days there were also priests who went out to the masses sharing their doctrine.

A certain following of Set took notice of these conmen and priests and decided to do something about it. So the followers of Set began going out and exposing conmen and challenging religious doctrine of their day. Many priests and conmen spoke of unatural fantacies and farfetched unearthly things which led humans away from the strides of mundane life. So the followers of Set went out to counterbalance a spiritual deception which often abused it’s influence over poor people and the needy. Eventually, these followers of Set became associated with a certain paradigm or path. They taught people to rely on their self and not be swayed by conmen or hyper spiritual religious rhetoric.

So the Left Hand Path as it’s known today became known as the path of individualism and self achievement as Setian doctrine spread across the land countering hyper spiritualism. Many spiritual movements capitalized on needy communities appealing to people’s fears and fantasies of a world beyond or an easier life. The Left Hand Path sought to free people from dogmatic systems and theiving conmen.

These days the Left Hand Path is relatively true to it’s origin. Though in recent decades the lhp has been used as a weaponized podium against Christianity specifically whilst accepting all other religions, the truer base of the lhp recognizes it’s origin purpose which was to free people of superflous ideals and lofty super natural visions of reality. So the lhp has been like a grounding agent for many of it’s truer members tethering us to the here and now and that which is immediatly present here in the Earth.

How has the lhp freed you from devisive people who feed from your need?

How has the lhp protected or saved you from hyper spiritualism?

How has the lhp inspired you to envision goals for yourself and forge your own path?

For me the lhp balances out my Christian origin. I grew up in a culture obsessed with the inevitable end times. My mind was constantly stolen from the present by farfetched nonsense involving uprisings of evil demonic forces and apocalyptic ends. How can a person live a normal life fearing that one day they would be hunted down by the Beast himself and killed during the slaying of the saints? I was taught all manor of things about my high place in the kingdom of God whilst at the same time my own works were but “the rags lepers use to hold their rotting flesh”. So all these fantasies caused me to become conserned with things which robbed me of my own future and potential. The lhp helps me in a practical daily way by allowing me to question and doubt farfetched unnerving notions of evil end times. Perhaps there are no end times at all my lhp mind wonders. Then what new hope might there be in a world where I’m as free and accepted as anyone else regardless of my childhood faith? Perhaps there are no demonic forces seeking to torture and murder all Christian families? I grew up fearing these things as fundamentalist homeschool mothers crammed down my imagination horrid visions of the Apocolypse. But the lhp mind which I have abopted is freed from all that nonsense.

In the lhp I have no path and thus no inevitable fate where the path ends. I forge my own path daily. My path is revealed to me one day at a time and as I complete goals which I have created for myself. These are the things which the Left Hand Path means to me.


An interesting video in regards to LHP…:

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No disagreement or arguments here- however what of ancient Mesopotamia and Sumerian culture- it is often regarded that ancient Egypt did use a lot of they’re- well a lot of things including technology- vastly improving on it is from what I understand

It seems to correlate quite a bit with the teachings of the modern day Temple of Set.

Sounds like he has an issue with modern pop lhp. Everything adapts. But beyond adaptation every pure form will eventually be absorbed into an integrated one. That’s the whole machine of Universalism. General consensus contributed to the dilution of the pure form.

I’ve had visions of Egypt as well as other nations/cities. In my visions Egypt start from a collection of a few villages that eventually grew into a large city. However, the old districts remained even as Egypt expanded so it caused Egypt to divide between the more normal masses of the people and then those who adopted a globalist vision. In my mind Egypt became what I call an internation city. That means Egypt acted as a focal point for many nations and people across the world. In my visions the sumerians were already rich nobels and lord from other nations and they joined together and created a city rather than growing one over a few centuries. Sumeria was also a rival international city of Egypt as they and their cultures competed with one another for global influence.

Amazon.com This is mentioned in this book

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I like that guy’s channel