Origin of demons in dark magi

Origin of Demons
The trilogy of Varego states a great spiritual entity, calling itself the Monad, created all of existence by separating pieces of itself. From there the first universe was created. Planets formed and life was spawned on each planet. From the continuation of birth and evolution, life forms came forth. Civilizations came and went. Over aeons, other universes were created. Some beings evolved into incarnates of divine powers over life and nature, becoming what we call gods. However, this is all false, or at least half false.
Creation didn’t happen through a single entity. Existence is governed by two great powers; Chaos and Order. Chaos is the force that creates, destroys, opposes, and brings change. It is by nature fluid and subject to continuous transformations. It crafts primordial material, but said material is on its own imperfect, unstable, useless. Order is the force that manifests this material into form and function. It establishes and preserves cosmic systems. All forces that are celestial and divine, including the gods themselves, are aligned with the forces of order.
At the most polar ends of existence are two planes. At the highest point is the Divine plane, also called the Empyrean or Sitra D’Kedushah, where holy light originates. It is a place of changelessness and perfection, frozen in time. At the lowest point is the primordial plane, also called the abyss or Sitra Ahra, where the energies of chaos originate form. Sitra Ahra is a world of complete fluidity. Ranging from the ever-changing landscape and laws of physics to the most basic state of life. The only consistency in Sitra Ahra is inconsistency.
Sitra Ahra does not know the same cosmic laws we do. Despite the pandemic environment, that seems to be out to kill its inhabitants, death is non-existent in this world, or at least is not permanent. Any life form that dies in Sitra Ahra will simply be reconstructed, body, mind, and soul, from a strange crimson liquid like substance that flows through out Sitra Ahra. This substance is often described as a lake of fire.
Long ago, before the earth, before the gods, before anything, chaos material that never met divine light began to pile into clumps. These clumps somehow began to take on their own form and develop consciousness and self-awareness, becoming living beings. These creatures, called primordials, were alien horrors, strange and disturbing in appearance. However, their minds were innocent much like children. They spent their time exploring Sitra Ahra. The primordials learned aggression, fighting, torture, and killing each other for amusement. They watched each other re-emerge from the lake of fire, continuing their violent fun. The lives of all primordials lived was aimless, devoid of meaning for pointless aggression was all they knew.
Eventually the primordials noticed the energy that emanated from realms outside and oozed from the cracks between worlds. Through these cracks, the creatures of Sitra Ahra saw what lay beyond the abyss; realms of light, life, and peace. Some grew curious and left Sitra Ahra to explore these worlds beyond. Others stayed behind. Those that left were amazed by these realms. However, they were met with fear as the inhabitants saw them as living nightmares. The primordials, as innocent as they were, did not understand the concept of fear. They were unaware of how they impacted those they met. However, there was one race of spiritual beings that came forth to oppose them. They were called Angels, celestial spirits who came from Sita D’kedushah. These beings were beautiful and radiant by appearance and thus were met with love and adoration. Then there came a skirmish. It was here the primordials discovered death as they noticed that their fallen would not rise. Finally, they discovered fear, more importantly, the fear of death. And so they fled.
Chased by the angels, the primordials found safety in the lowest regions of the spiritual planes, with only Sitra Ahra below them. They held conference as to what they should do. Some argued they return to Sitra Ahra. Others argued to remain in the spiritual planes. Those that wished to stay remained and those that wished to return to Sitra Ahra left. The primordials that stayed came upon a new type of energy, desire. The power of desire felt somewhat reminiscent of the abyssal powers of Sitra Ahra, and yet it was more stable. The primordials used desire to transform themselves. Gone were the innocent horrors they once were. Their beings finally stabilizing, it changed them, body, mind, and soul. The primordials developed their own civilization, now calling them demons.

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