Orgonite and Sanctification

Orgonite presents A MASSIVE extension of charge whence combined with qi gong, tai chi, and yoga whilst projecting extremely concentrated mythological structuration of meaning in association with strongly held intent.

Thee amount of atmosphere contained in the presencing of orgonite device construction is HELLA powerful for the Sanctification of thee Ascension process.

I can make custom pieces or explain more about the process if anyone is interested.


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This is an olde wondering.

Can you have to many in a small space? I have a few in one room and I feel like one would be too much.

Nice :+1::+1::+1:

Yes please explain I’m more into making my own. Thanks.

This article is from the National Engineering Journal explaining the hard science of how orgonite works.

What I do is integrate an Aeonic understanding of my own energy field into the charging ritual as thee orgonite cures. I do chi work and concentrate massive amounts of energy through my body down into my hands, bending the energy of the universe with my bodily manipulation and channeling it into the device. The crystals respond extremely intimately with you in this way because of the way the metal attracts your electromagnetic energy(programmed with your mnemonic thought systems) and the crystals generating their piezoelectric charge like a vacuum that stores your mnemonic energy systems in a solid state that exists indefinitely.

Spells cast into an orgonite device are amplified to an insanely powerful degree.


I do feel at times overwhelmed if I have gathered too many devices, but I enjoy the chaos of it. I like to revel in madness, personally.

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@Atinama question- it is possible to learn qi-gong from internet? I have no way to practice in training group because there’s none in my city.

I learned various techniques from YouTube videos, but most of all for me, I have been led by the great spirit through the Kundalini fire which guides one to flow correctly with Grace. Raise your Kundalini with yoga, try out some freeflow tai chi, and find your own Grace as you include qi gong breathing techniques whilst you focus your intention on learning how to manipulate chi flow with your hands.

Learning how to use your body as a temple for thee embodiment of the universal power is in my opinion Paramount to true Ascension.


What does orgonite even do? The only thing I keep hearing or vague references to clearing and energetic space, or supposedly, causing weather effects. My ex made a lot of that crap, and even though she was completely batshit insane, she followed the recipe exactly, and charged it, and we never saw anything positive or negative come from it.

We even managed to get a hold of some industrial crushed diamonds, and used that, we still never saw any decent effects.

It’s not like you can see thee emf waves in thee air and notice whether or not they are gone. The article I posted explains it.

From what I understand, it’s most commonly used to help transmute negative into positive energy. I have a little orgonite pyramid a friend made me and it seems to work pretty well as far as improving and balancing the energies in my ritual area; it probably would be a great filter for pulling vampirised energy through. This may also be partly to do with the pyramid shape though.

The friend who made it for me says it greatly helps him with spirit manifestation but I haven’t really noticed a difference with that. I assume there are different methods and techniques for making it as well as individual energetic variations that may account for some getting great results with it and others not so much.