Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis

Is anyone else working through this? I am currently learning the lessons of the fourth flame. This book is truly revolutionary.


Sure am! I will be for some time. I thought of posting some of my experiences here. I am dedicating a minimum of 2 weeks to each lesson. Other exercises will take months to gain proficiency in.

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Many months ago I created a scroll, upon which I penned the Incantation for the Summoning of All Magickal Powers.

Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu.
Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu bel tazu.
Vaskala itz ratzu kantantu velchatza.

Since then I have been regularly stepping into my Universal Circle and chanting. At first I read from the scroll. As time passed and I continued the rite, no longer needed the scroll. Even so, I kept it with me as an external focus and physical representation of my will. Recently I have heard the chant echoing in my mind unbidden.

Little did I know that I was destined to hold in my hands the very tome which would in time unveil the source of this unfettering demonic chant. It seemed as if the spirits hearkened to my call and bent the very fabric of existence to my will.

Many thanks to EA Koetting and the BALG team for sharing this priceless grimoire.


So I just read the whole o.a.a material for the first time ever. I must say I kinda wish I had something like this when I first started. Its quick and to the point and I didn’t even notice any blinds, that is if there is any. So I prepared the material in note cards and made it more personal to my practice.

Some of the exercises I know and have had practice with. But the exercises in the last flame has me wondering how to go about performing these tasks.

I have done some cool stuff with energy balls but not to the point where elements are tangible and I’m pulling random objects from the ground. So there is a collective that is working on making stuff like that possible in their reality. I’m kinda curious as to how one would go about manipulating energy to the point performing some of these tasks in the book.

So I’m going to take a stab at it.

To materialize and dematerialize an object: there is an lesson where you develop a level of critical mass of magnetism within your hands. Later is moved throughout the body. Then I’m guessing you have that externalized around what you want. Lets say a pack of cigarettes. Normally I would go to the store and buy a pack. Case closed. Right?

But the point of the lesson is to take a form of energy, transmutate it from thought to physical goal. A bit of a different spin to operate an energy ball but anything is possible, right?

Yeah sure I can do a spell or evoke something, forget about it and see what happens. But there is a step further. With no wait time.

So if anyone knows what’s up and would like to discuss the mechanics of this I would love to brainstorm this idea.

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Work the flames sequentially, one at a time. Their is years worth of work in that tome. When you get to that point and actually earn the flames through initiation you will know what to do.

That’s my plan, I’m working through it from the start right now, and trying to not leave anything out - I completed the first Flame last week, after working pretty hard to fit everything in.

I’ll share some stuff about it when I can, the main thing I like is trying slightly different methods of energy raising, and I really enjoyed the pendulum thing, I could do that for hours, never mind minutes; the main challenge I have is staying with anything anyone else wrote (or had chanelled) without improvising stuff alongside that. Also, I’m really not crazy about all the candles involved, but that’s just personal preference! :slight_smile:

On the first Flame, as I did the sequence of exercises that comprise the initiation, I was aware of an eight-sided chamber being super-imposed over “reality” and that was interesting because the number eight has a lot of significance to me personally, aside from just the whole Mercury connection.

That hasn’t happened before and it made me more curious about the whole thing.

It was accompanied by feeling nauseous (not as bad as it sounds, this often accompanies magickal work for me) and some interestingly colourful dreams.

I’d be very interested to hear what other people experience with each Flame once it’s complete?

When you get to that point and actually earn the flames through initiation you will know what to do.

Have you done this, and if so, can you give any indication how it turned out for you?

“You will know what to do” makes me think it might involve running naked down the high street or something, which (don’t get me wrong) would be highly amusing, though probably not in this weather. :o)

I’ve just started the first flame, first lesson. Oh, this will definitely take me years. Like learning piano, cooking, painting, crochetting. Gah! I detest being a beginner. >:( I only have another 60 years of mortality, here. Gr.

On a calm note, this is fun. (In hindsight, of course) I’m liking all the wierdass things my brain can do.

Honestly I have no experience with this material. I just got, stripped it down and made it where I can study it more easily.

A lot of the lessons I am familiar with. I may not have done this particular pathworking but some of this has found its way in my practice.The whole initiation of the flames thing is a little different but I like where its going.

The energy ball lessons and the candles are really interesting and the applications are endless.

But to really do the last few flames, has anyone actually built up enough energy to do these kinds of things? Or know what that would feel like? I have done some cool shit with energy balls but I haven’t materialised an element or anything like that.

I honestly don’t know what to say. I don’t know a lot. But I am familiar enough with energy to know that actually doing some of the lessons is achievable. I just won’t find it at my daily yoga class.

Involving the material, time it takes, to learn it, etc. Once you get an understanding how it works. Do some of you still think doing these lessons is something you build up to or do you think it can be done in one big bout of energy burst?

Try it and see? Other people’s theories won’t help you until you’ve had the experience yourself. :slight_smile:

I’ve achieved manifestations in the past that can only really be described as miraculous, BUT I wasn’t able to consistantly replicate those, nonetheless they were like quantum leaps of ability and not the result of measured linear progression.

Me and my partner working together have also attained some freakily amazing outcomes, and that was (at first) without even trying too hard, but again we find consistant delivery on that level gets harder, it’s like reality starts building defences once you’ve made it through to exercise this kind of power a few times.

Or maybe the defences are just in our human souls, trying to build a callus of reality over the breach?

We’re working on some new stuff right now (based on this) but I’m also working through the Flames as if a beginner, it seems to be what my spirits want and starting from scratch there isn’t going to prevent me doing other types of work, and in fact I think it can only assist in it, in terms of developing consistancy. Probably! lol!!

I would really like to hear from anyone who’s got further with this though.

And that pendulum exercise made me pretty damned sure I was a cat in a past life… :slight_smile:

Try it? Well of course. That’s what I’m getting at…

Ok, lets go back to the pack of cigatettes. There is a store that sells them down the road all I gotta do is go there and buy a pack and then reap the rewards of my manifestation of intent. No I’m trying to program a new way of manifestation to get these smokes other than the normal means of manifestation. So cultivating a new way one would use that energy seems to be the most logical way of going about achieving the goal.

So doing the lessons you are going to change your perspectives. That is a given after any workout I have done there has been a transformation. Why would this be any different? Yet no one here can properly describe the feeling or use of spiritual muscles it takes to move a quarter or make something appear that wasn’t there before.

I’m not claiming I can do these things. But I don’t doubt the ability that they can be done. Idk I’m just trying to navigate the next step to all of this in terms of practicle magic.

I know how to evoke, divine answers I didn’t know, almost can soul travel these days. But I often wonder how a formless intelligence can make intention into manifestation. I am bored of evocation and want to learn how to do it myself.

So to actually do it: if you can master all of the lessons up to the evocation practices it may be pretty possible.

The energy ball lessons (transfering emotion to candles, making elemental psi balls etc.) I feel is quite revealing as to utilize a propper critical mass of magnetism to make form out of aether. Or using that magnetism to move an object. See where I’m going with this?

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In my experience with other systems and techniques, there can be a wide variance to accomplishing things. Some things I could do without training, others took weeks, months, or even long years of study and practice to achieve.

I won’t discuss the OAA material since I have not given it due study.

I can comment on the Conjuration of All Magickal Powers. Since I have been in-canting that, noticeable changes have occurred in my life. Old habits and interests are being burned away, even things that have interested me for decades. I am moving towards the accumulation of power, and the exercise of freedom.

I am doing flames and lessons one at a time. However long it takes, it takes. I will keep practicing until I succeed, then move on to the next one. I have no idea what they even are yet. I am going for full immersion, not reading ahead.

There is an infinitude of difference between knowing and doing. Only with the latter will one gain true power within the crucible of experience.

[quote=“taokua”] (not saying that Magickal-training could Expand one’s Being and Experience such that the world looks that much more, and thus as hard to guess at as the “adult” world was to a young-kid… but perhaps it is actually more-so than that?)
just as an ex- for discussion purposes…[/quote]

I think that is accurate. Some things at one point of development do not even exist for others at a prior point. Or if they do, they are un-able to yet be aware of them. Even if they are aware of them they may not be able to utilize them. For example, I cannot yet move my ears consciously, even though I know there are muscles in my skull that could.

Psychologically there are levels of self-awareness, thought patterns, emotions, etc. All these can eventually become mastered like most people learn to use their hands, but many will live and die forever at the mercy of their own reactions, a victim to circumstance and others. Never even knowing they could be free.

[quote=“king, post:10, topic:4603”]Try it? Well of course. That’s what I’m getting at…

Ok, lets go back to the pack of cigatettes. There is a store that sells them down the road all I gotta do is go there and buy a pack and then reap the rewards of my manifestation of intent. No I’m trying to program a new way of manifestation to get these smokes other than the normal means of manifestation. So cultivating a new way one would use that energy seems to be the most logical way of going about achieving the goal.[/quote]

Well, I did something like that a while ago, wrote about it here.

I’ve had successes with it since then as well, I find it works best when I use it on things where I let go of any idea how the item will come to me.

Yet no one here can properly describe the feeling or use of spiritual muscles it takes to move a quarter or make something appear that wasn't there before.
Can you describe the mental process you go through to stand up from a chair? Not which muscles you use, but HOW to use them, how exactly you engage them? :)

Or do you just spend a while as an infant seeing adults doing it, and decide that it’s what you want too, and strive in the face of endless failures and part-falls to do it yourself?

There’s a saying common in yoga that some things can be learned, but can’t be taught - stuff like this is definitely one of them, IMO.

As Narius wrote:



FFS, this is a ‘key’, that ONLY opens the doors when done properly. I’ve commented on the OAA material before; as I see it to be as Bardon, Michael Craig, etc, stripped down to their BARE ESSENTIALS, giving you key exercises, meditations, and internal methodology & visualizations to unlock your mind and focus it on the larger scheme of the Universe.

The OAA lessons are usable either as a standalone, or as a ‘companion’ to whatever other projects/systems you have going on.

For instance, I work both Ron Clark’s prodigious Kabbalistic materials, as well as Donald Kraig’s work, and glean other material where I find it most useful.

The point of ‘graduating flames at your own pace’, is making sure you have MASTERED the lesson, to ‘UNLOCK’ a pre-existing, internal propensity towards internal magical powers; thus gaining LIFETIME skills, not fly-by-night bullshit.

Do the exercises, and be SURE to master them before moving on.

For some this will take DAYS, others MONTHS, others YEARS; It makes no difference, simply learn at your own pace, the point being to find the time to DO the exercises, and so doing your magic WILL become more potent, as the ‘internal key’ to Universal alignment has been opened.

Remember, you are part of the source, thus God composes all of you, yet for you to realize your potential, doors back to the source must be opened from our realm; lessons must be learned, and mastered. This is a gateway…the reason I find no fault in people like Koetting releasing such powerful material, is that I am fully aware that perhaps less than 1% will actually ‘walk the walk’ and do the work…are you the 1%?

Magic is an evolving field, a personal endeavor, it requires self-discipline & work. The point of all of this, is to find the exercises & keys that work to unlock YOUR Godhood.

[PS…welcome back Narius :slight_smile: ]

[Also, unfortunately do to circumstance I could not purchase the beautiful leather bound book, but I do work the lessons, and the places they will take you are very real.]

As related but a side-issue… researching something else, I came up this webpage with an older-interview of EA… FYI

a few references, which as time has passed, can add BALG hints.

These are great responses, thanks. I have some things to research I appreciate the links.

Gnosis kinda cleared the air a bit as far as using the material as an accompanied text. So may I ask, what’s the deal with the flames? I have no idea how to approach something like that. Its not that I’m scared or think its not worth my time. I just have my approach to my spiritual outlets that I really benefit from and have a good mix. I just don’t want to throw off what I’m working on. For example when you have that evocation that changes your life and you have to acclimate again.

On the cool I’m working through most of the material. I just haven’t messed with flames…yet.I’m also hoping I can find a way to work the kinks out for more reliable soul travel experiences. Energy work is my best suit so far but projection is really hard for me to get down.

So once again thanks for sharing.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just a quick question ,

Where do banishing’s fit into the OAA material?

while working the first darkness exercise of flame 1 I had a very real physical experience. after about 5 mins of inhal/exhalation I heard someone/thing else exhale quite loudly right in front of me. This kind of snapped me out of it for a few minutes before an internal pulling at my conscience had me descend into trance again & an internal voice told me to trust all was well & not to break out again. the second time there were two distinct voices who were not speaking to me but referring to me to each other. I couldn’t get a real handle on what they were saying, more like a radio on in another room but after emerging I def had the thought I was well on the right track but seem unable to actually contact them.

[quote=“SolomonThoth, post:19, topic:4603”]Just a quick question ,

Where do banishing’s fit into the OAA material?[/quote]

I’m not an expert because I only completed the first Flame so far, but in that there’s no explicit instruction to banish, and for the rest I can’t say because although I skimmed it I’m deliberately NOT jumping ahead.

I don’t blanket banish anyway these days (unless something’s bugging me) because I use the darkfield, but I didn’t want to leave your question hanging with no replies… maybe someone further along than the first Flame can provide more help. :slight_smile: