Ordering issues

Can anyone help me get in contact with someone that can correct an order issue? I have sent 4-5 help desk tickets but no one replies. I placed an order for digital courses but never received them and my order history is empty. I have a receipt and paid for the product.

They can take up to 48 hours to reply, when did you open the ticket?

Btw this is a chat forum, not support (unlike some tech forums who outsource support to a forum).

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I completely understood that this was not a tech forum but when I get no response after 24hrs I seek all options to get some sort of answer. Thank you I was not aware that their tech support was so slow. Maybe the help page should be updated to state something like this.

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Yeah, I only saw your membership was from last year after replying - quite a lot of people join just to ask a support-style question, because so many sites used forums for that these days. The Zendesk thing can take that full 48 hrs but I’ve never once heard of them not getting back to someone, so you should be able to get this sorted.

Did they solve your problem? I have the same problem right now.

Hi I am trying to order the complete works of EA Koetting with and American Express Bluebird card. It won’t work because of the name bar. I don’t know what name to put in it because I bought the card from wall mart. I would love to find out how to complete my order so I can get the book into my hands.

This is a question for the Become A Living God help desk, not this forum. We have nothing to do with the business side of things.


@scott47 fill a ticket here https://becomealivinggod.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new