Ordering Human Bone Powder (BMoA)


cemetery and ask a spirit if someone was psychic(better portal through the veil)


That isn’t really an issue with this ingredient. Ya just need human bone powder. Adding extra steps to it only works to over complicate it. At least that is how i see it. Making the altar as a nexion itself is a far bit of work on its own.


Human bone powder…Wow… :smiley:


Correct @Dinmiatus. I know many people do not want to hear this because of the “ecclectic do it how you want” era of “un-magick”, but the alchemical formulas within BMoA are spiritual science. You must adhere to them (albeit not always perfectly) to the best of your ability. Effort toward correctly performing the formulas is a must. It ups the odds of success.
Does this mean you can’t have success without adapting the rites? No it doesn’t. However within the context of the Ahrimanian currents it is best to not risk it. No need to increase an already almost unbearable amount of power that already ushers forth chaotic transformation.