Ordering Human Bone Powder (BMoA)


Only if it is not in a proper seeled container it onl cost me 12.99 USD add 30% US to Australian dollars plus shipping cost on top when will Australian dollar be equal to US Dollar but if i spend $250 at Luciferian apotheca to purchase demon oils ounce each 5 different ones, and 4 different deity oils, 1 Luciferian Witchcraft Black oil for ritual evocation, 10 Large Black pillar candles, 50 coffin nails, 5 Batches of Human bone powder, Grave dirt with Human dust for Necrmancy i have to pay $330 Australian dollars plus international shipping 79,95 USD so there you go Bobs your Uncle Hail to the LHP


I have just check it out bone powder is a form of calcium, bone meal supplements.


Haha! Yes contact them. Michael is always willing to fix these issues. If he wasn’t I would not send you to him. If he doesn’t just let me know.


Kurtis whos Michael yes i got my copy of the black magic of Ahriman and i love it thank you awesome work.


He is the owner of Luciferian Apotheca. I was once a student of his lodge.


Not sure if this info helps any but the human bone powder from Luciferian Apotheca takes longer to get ready than the other items offered on the site. I live close to Michael and items always arrive fast but I placed an order for human bone powder by itself and it took at least over two weeks to ship.


^ That’s really helpful to know, thanks. :slight_smile:


Kurtis yes i have got in contact with Luciferian apothecary and asked about regarding Australian customs.


This post made me smile :D. I’m in NSW and have been thinking the same thing. I ordered my bone dust a little while ago too, but padded the order out with a few books and a t shirt. Every time there’s a knock at the door, I think it’s customs coming to get me. But of course they’d come via helicopter and through the skylight wouldn’t they - so I’m just being paranoid.

I have been thinking that maybe the little vile of white powder, hidden amongst the very specific books I ordered is probably calling a bit too much attention to itself. Like how batman has the big yellow target on his chest so the bad guys shoot the Kevlar body armour instead of going for a head shot.

Yes that’s a stretch, but it works for me.

It might just hit the right “what the fuck” buttons if it was checked. I’ll let you know if there are any drams with mine getting through.


Hello Kurtis i have some awesome news, my Human bone powder came in the post today and it was raining heavy today i looked in the letter box and all the mail was wet i went in side, yellow envelope Luciferian Apotheca was to wet to tare open so i carefully cut envelope open with a pair of sissors because i didn’t know if rain got into the bone powder and damaged the product i opened it up i took out product the bone powder was in a J bag with bathomay stamp i looked at the Human bone powder it is a combination of solid chips and powder about a teaspoon amount and on the invoice recipe a gift i receive 5 dollars off my next purchase, I was wondering Kurtis should i grind those bone fragments chips down to a fine powder, i was worrying if customs would allow it i Australia i guess i was wong, another piece of glory thank you, another thing i need to tell you i have been playing Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4 Pro the game is epic.:+1:


Yes people are over dramatizing this. In most states in the US you can order human skulls with nooses still around their neck. Lol.


Good news! haha


In Canada too, human bones, I do not know if it’s legal to have one?


Should be, most locations are provided it’s sourced the right way, contact the seller or check their site. :+1:


Kurtis Joseph- Occultist, Author, Australian Customs official. :thinking:Seriously though man your great. I took part in the evocation of Belial and I wanna thank you again publicly- although I’m sure you don’t remember and wouldn’t expect to for taking the time to personally answer my email as did Eric. As you read my Name it was like a chill went down my spine. Bowling- Michael is Micheal W Ford and like Mr. Joseph said is cofounder of LA and is one of the LHP authors especially on Luciferianism- and of course besides the point probably my personal influence on LHP by why of his music in Black Funeral.


Michael Bowling is Michael W Ford? No way. I will not take that lightly. Michael Ford has no time to play games yo. Lol! Also I answer messages and emails constantly. Never received one from you.


Ford is Luciferian Apotheca if that is what you mean by “LA”. Great guy. At any rate be well! You are always going to be welcome and favored!


I was just referring to username Bowling270 because he asked “who was Michael?” and was inquiring about Luciferian Apotheca which I abbreviated as LA. He most certainly is a great guy as I have had a few email conversations with him regarding his writings. I was just thanking you for the reply to the email I sent from my personal email regarding the evocation of Belial.


Ahhhh, gotcha! Sorry bro. You are definitely welcome regardless. I do my best to answer everyone. Without you guys my work is pointless.


I don’t see why not. The Catholic Church needs human bones to make their altars, so anywhere with Catholic churches allows bones in the country.