Ordering Human Bone Powder (BMoA)


Excuse me Kurtis i ordered some Human bone powder 3 weeks ago from “Luciferian apotheca” would you have any idea delivery to Adelaide would be i am still waiting for delivery, i known you probably can’t do anything about it, do you think Customs would stop Human bone powder coming into Australia that would really suck.

Consecration of Black Magick of Ahriman

The Australian customs would 100% stop human bone powder from coming into the country lol


Well that puts a spanner in the works, yeh but i already made the purchase, and Luciferian apotheca has already shipped it to my address, when i made the purchase, on my Internet banking it showed up as baked bakery 10 dollars, what is baked bakery mean first time i have heard of it.


They’re not likely to put “human bone sold by Satanists” are they?

Sex toys = silicone sculpture.

White powder? Bakery.

They’re occultists and know the spirits will fuck them up if they sold other occultists fake goods.


Thank you Lady Eva for your help, now i just have to wait for delivery, many thanks.


I have checked my account with Luciferian apotheca it say fullfield.


Contact them! :slight_smile:

Double-check they get things delivered safely to Australia, and ask what the estimated shipping time is - UK to Aus is usually 10 - 12 days for regular mail, “printed papers” packages, etc., ask them what their normal shipping time is and have they been aware of any delays.


I field out the feed back my name, email, phone number and the problem i entered my order number the purchase date, and what i purchase and what i payed and i just want to know when it will be delivered please, as it hasn’t arrived yet thank you, then i submit and a message came thank you for contacting us, will get back to you as soon as possible.


I receive an answer back from Luciferian apotheca sales and gave me a tracking number, aparently my parcel is going on a grand American royal adventure a cooks tour before it flys to Australia.


That feeling when a dead guy’s getting a better summer holiday than you! :wink:

I’m going to split this bit out into its own topic, it might be interesting for people but it’s a bit of a diversion on Kurtis’s thread.


My trick for avoiding the custom checking into my order is to chose the cheapest shipping option. For the majority of times, the custom overlook orders with the cheapest shipping option (I live in Europe BTW) and chose priority over the more expansive shipping.

This is pretty much how people order illegal drugs in Europe. And it just works.


Lady Eva do you think that Human bone powder will get past customs.


Yes, I do.


Likely, no. The customs are good at even confiscating innocent green leaves powder.


Here’s why I think it:

[quote]4 Hair, teeth or bones of a deceased human’s body (other than as part of a deceased human’s body or a part of a deceased human’s body)


(a) the hair, tooth or bone must be clean and have no adhering tissue, blood or faeces when it is brought into Australian territory; or

(b) bringing the hair, tooth or bone into Australian territory must be permitted under subsection (4)[/quote]

Clean bone powder tightly sealed seems to me to be fine, this is from this site: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2016L01024

I am NOT a legal expert in importing bits of dead people though, which I hope is obvious!!

I’m not being mean but you really should be asking the seller, who will know the full picture. But I understand you’re anxious so I’m just sharing the kind of research I would do if it were me.


So Luciferian apotheca when they ship Human bone powder under the name Baked bakery as a code name so it passes Australian Customs, advise purchase only a small amount i thought okay get a small amount as a trial if i like it, i buy a pound of it but when i made the purchase it didn’t give a weight eg. 1 ounce, i wonder if it be better to purchase Human bone powder in bulk.


Thank you your a great help.


If I’m buying something that might be seeing as shady by the custom (customs are a complicated bunch, even if something is legal they can still confiscate it) I either buy small amounts or compine it with other products.


See how it goes this time before you splash out a lot of money, and keep an eye out for locally sourced supplies.


Bone powder is a legitimate cooking ingredient, actually, though maybe not human… search the terms bone powder bakery and you’ll get results.