Order of the Sun / Order of the Black Hand?

I was watching an older YouTube discussion with EA & Nate Bales on the topic of human sacrifice this morning, and he mentioned a few groups off hand that practice or have practiced this: namely, the Order of Nine Angles, the Tempel ov Blood, the Order of the Sun, and the Order of the Black Hand. I’m familiar with the first two, but I haven’t heard of the latter two. Google gives me only various military awards when searching for the Order of the Sun and the main thing that shows up for the Black Hand is a Serbian military society founded in 1911 that doesn’t seem to have any kind of occult connection.

Anyone familiar with these groups that EA is talking about, or know any good links on the subject?

The YouTube video in question (these specific groups are mentioned starting at 11:43)

The only Black Hand I know of is the secret society responsible for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.


The only one I know (if it’s the right name) is off of the elder scrolls.


Yeah, that’s the one I found but I don’t see any occult connection there. There’s also a Black Sun Society established by Heinrich Himmler for the elite SS, but no overt ties to human sacrifice that I can establish. Plus the way EA talks about it makes it seem like the Orders he’s referring to are all modern.


I’ve heard of them and that they’re still active, but unlike say ONA are not given to freely distributing info.


1911? Wasn’t that year getting closer to Hitlers workings and occult obcession?
Serbia is relatively close to Germany, yeah?
Methed up stormtroopers and SS officers (lightning flash lettering mind you) were killing and looting everywhere they could.

Moloch and Yahweh were well known for sacrificing animals or humans, heck, most civilizations were doing that in most continents throughout history.
Even old RHP grimoires loved killing and mutilating animals associated with superstitious lore. On up to witches burned at the stake, or thrown into a lake with a stone attached to the witch. Human sacrifice for the higher good?

No, they’re east of Italy, more towards Greece.


Serbia is on the Balkan right to the Macedonia and Germans were killing them ( for one killed German 100 Serbians will be killed and for one injured German 50 will be killed)