Order of exercises in Draconian Ritual.Book

Hello! Huge fan of your work here. I’m working through your Draconian Ritual Book with a few other people and I had a question about the recommended order of exercises.

As it stands, the book lists a fair amount of entity descriptions and invocations in the beginning, but doesn’t actually explain the details of how to perform an invocation until much later. Am I correct in assuming that those are (at least initially) more to just read through & familiarize ourselves with the entities?

From what I can gather, the order of exercises as laid out in the book involve making/crafting Draconian symbols for your ritual area & meditating on them, getting familiar with the various entities, and then the first real ritual is the Draconian Opening on p.99 which serves as a pre-initiation of sorts into the current, followed by the chakra opening/Kundalini exercises. Is this the suggested order to follow?


This is the point my group reached hahaha. Me and @Nyxifer and some others are doing a study group for the Draconian ritual book and we’re trying to put it together haha.


Yeah, I saw that already. I’m mainly curious why the invocations are placed so early on in the text, & if the order I listed in the OP is fine to follow.

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Interesting question I’ve started the rights of Lucifer and I will read the Draconian Ritual book after that!

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That is a little wierd.

You need to start with everything that has to do with Kundalini raising as this is the basis for all other work in Draconian magic. This should go together with centering and cleansing exercises. When you have a decent management of your inner energy flow you can proceed to other things. I’ll probably make available a concrete course in Draconian magic at some point in the future, but for now if you’re not sure where to start, all kinds of simple exercises should come first.


Am I clear in understanding that you suggest 100% the kundalini Power should be first connected …in order to properly wield magic power for magic?

I hate to ask. I just bought Draconian ritual as well after seeing you suggested to work through this book before Rites of Lucifer.

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