ORDER NOW: "The Complete Works Of E.A. Koetting"

Dear Living Gods,

It is my great honor to proclaim that “The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting” is now available - for a limited time only, right here:

This may come as a sudden shock to you. After all, we’re releasing it unannounced, without royal fanfare.

The truth is this profoundly impressive tome has been in the works creatively for well over a decade now in the depths of my own mind.

It has always been a strong personal dream of mine to artistically manifest a grand collection of incalculably valuable magickal volumes- each opus embodying intense, raw, magickal power.

And I’m extremely proud to announce that I have achieved a lifelong goal of mine.

Let my personal success stand as proof that magick works.

As we all know, many of my physical grimoires are being sold on live auction sites for hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Every day, I receive emails from aspirants desperately seeking copies of my books.

Furthermore, Timothy polled all of you to discover how you value a tome like “The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting.”

You spoke, very clearly.

  • Almost 30% of you vote that it’s worth over $10,000

  • Approximately 75% deem it at least $1,000

  • And over 98% of you value it at over $300.

All of this flatters me. And whether my work is truly worth that, only you can determine inside your heart of hearts.

The most prevalent petition from the lot of you is, if we ever were to release a Complete Works tome, to please make it reasonably priced, because you in fact want to own and study it.

I’m happy to inform you that your wish is now a reality.

To be completely honest, when Timothy and I first discussed manufacturing and releasing this high quality grimoire, we originally planned to charge as high as $997.

We felt completely comfortable doing that. The only problem, is that it would be a real stretch for some of you to afford.

So we meditated more, and pondered our real motives and intentions.

True generosity prevailed.

We mutually arrived at the conclusion that we’d rather HELP YOU, than hinder you.

So because we want to make it as easy as we can for as many serious magicians to benefit from this monumental tome as possible…

I’ve decided to price “The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting” at only $397… a delightful surprise for you who are actually going to get it.

We’re confident this is both fair and affordable, especially based on the statistics I’ve already detailed. (We’re mathematically satisfying over 98% of you)

Truth be told, I am doing this as a favor for you. Almost a gift.

I am willing to take the short end of the stick, because I know you are WITH ME for the long run.

I’m doing this for all of you who are going to STICK WITH ME through the glorious development of Become A Living God.

And quite frankly, I WANT YOU to have “The Complete Works” in your library of possessions while we undergo this prophetically-heralded revolution…

… so you can get fully up to speed with me mentally, energetically and intellectually

… so you get crucial practical experience pathworking through my innovative systems of magick

… so you can lay the necessary foundation of black magickal power and skill

… so you can have my resources as handy reference works.

… so you own a priceless piece of history that you can treasure, and bestow to those in your magickal family or line of succession

To bring this magickal treasure into your own life, click here:

All that being said. Nothing is perfect.

“The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting” consists of all 7 of my solo-authored works:

  1. Kingdoms of Flame
  2. Works of Darkness
  3. Baneful Magick
  4. Evoking Eternity
  5. Questing After Visions
  6. Ipsissimus
  7. The Book of Azazel

And, as you may know, I had a co-author, Baron DePrince, for one other book, The Spider and the Green Butterfly, on vodoun. And regrettably it won’t be part of the collection, for strictly personal reasons.

In this way, this tome is really my Complete Solo-Authored Works.

In a sense, I am happy about this, because this means the magnum opus constitutes a collection totally devoted to the earnest advancement of Western Black Magick.

On top of this, I am including extremely precious material inside my Complete Works.

You may know, I was the head of an exclusive, invite-only black magick order, entitled, Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis.

I deliberately kept the membership down to very few skilled and loyal sorcerers, often dismissing and rejecting entire lists of applicants.

You’re going to be privy to the entire series of secret initiation rites and sorcerous rituals that here-to-fore have NEVER EVER been revealed publicly.

And if this isn’t astonishing enough, I am also going to give you several of my rare articles and unpublished essays.

You are literally going to receive my whole life’s work to date in a gorgeous, physical, talismanic grimoire, the equivalent size of a collegiate reference work.

As I said earlier… true generosity is prevailing.

Click here to benefit from my generosity:

In conclusion…

“The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting” is the ultimate grimoire.

It is the finest, and most comprehensive guide to absolutely mastering sorcery and black magick, and then going beyond to discover rich, new, uncharted, territory that NO ONE ELSE knows - of course, whether you reach this enigmatic magickal utopia depends on your prowess and dedication.

My “Complete Works” is the supreme guide for anyone devoting their life to the Left Hand Path.

It will kill your weaknesses, murder your insecurities, and destroy your doubts about the efficacy of magick.

It will annihilate your inner child, and transform you into a dangerously powerful God who rules over their dominion of the Earth plane.

“The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting” is arguably the most potent grimoire ever created in the history of humanity.

I say this as a man who has not only read all the other popular books on magick, but who personally knows the very authors of those books.

I assure you my written works are unrivaled, and stand out on their own… and will forever, because I have literally shed my blood and tears to materialize their existence.

When you get my Complete Works, you are inheriting my own personal magickal energy, and fully immersing yourself into my unique magickal tradition.

Come now. Go to my designated page so you can pre-order your own copy of my Complete Works right now, because you only have until New Years Eve at midnight to lock in your order.

When the clock finally strikes 12 o’clock on that festive night, and we embrace the coming year, this life-altering opportunity dies into extinction permanently.

Make sure you safely secure your copy right now, or as soon as you possibly can, right here:

You’ll be eternally happy you did, because in ten years from now you’ll be thrilled that you took action today.

I’d sure hate for you to miss out on this, and regret it for the rest of your life.

Godlike Power,

P.S. Please share this news with as many magicians as you can, so they can take advantage of the killer opportunity too!!

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I was wondering, does this have the talismanic aspects of the leather bound version of book of azazel included?

I have actually been putting some feelers out in the cosmos to get a hold of a copy of “The Book of Azazel” and to be honest was expecting a digitalised copy to pop up somewhere but this is a much much better result.

Well this is going to be huge. My hope was that the books would become available in pdf format, but this all in one grimoire in physical format just eclipses that idea. Thankyou very much E.A and Timothy for making this available and possible. Now to begin saving for this beast!

This is going to be the most powerful, beautiful, and durable talismanic grimoire ever created on planet Earth.

E.A. will be performing extremely secret rituals to infuse and charge these tomes, so they possess actual energetic force in and of themselves. (No, he won’t reveal what the rituals are)

I know that this Complete Works grimoire will be Earth-shattering, because I’m the guy who has had over 30 companies negotiating with me to determine the absolute best set of specifications for this demonic magnum opus.

(Needless to say, I had several religious-leaning printers slam the phone down on me when they found out what black magick symbol I want hot foil stamped onto the cover) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is amazing, and extremely generous, and makes me wish I hadn’t just spent a few hundred dollars collecting KoF and Evoking Eternity! LOL, definitely getting this. Thank you!!!

wow, this opportunity would never be available to me other wise. I’m young, and I wanna break the cycle I would otherwise end up in. This book is priceless and im sure ca turn a life around entirely. Im grateful for this opportunity, the fact that its not thousands of dollars. Even though I don’t have even a single dollar in my pocket. It seems close, even when its out of reach.

This book is worth so much more than what is is right now. Im trying to learn, doing the best I can with what I have. Sadly that doesnt include a single dollar in my wallet.

Im normally very limited in what I can do and the resources i have. But even this forum itself changes that. It lets me get closer to removing those limits.

I dont know much magick. Or own any books, a credit card, job, or am legally old enough to drink. But starting this very moment im gonna work on getting this book.

Ill go to school without pills no matter how hard it is to even walk,talk, and function normally.
But narcolepsy and catapaplexy has its ups and downs. Ive learned a lot in my sleep. Coming into contact with E.A and this fourm has changed the path my life was headed.

My neighbors a satanist. Based on my dreams, and moving to a new house, I already knew as bad as things can go they would fall into place.

Bringing out opportunities for progress in what I truly need, desire, and yearn for.

All I know for sure is that he knows more than me and can maybe help me. I tried showing him e.a and stuff but he doesn’t really trust any books or anything by most authors. If I can just show him that e.a is different.

But as for me, and what is going on in my life. This might bring me out of the dust im in.

In fact im not even worried. I have no money, cant even get around to get what I would need for a proper evocation.

But that just doesnt feel like a problem. Ill just use a small rock as my altar. burn the spices in my pantry as incense. and all done in the woods behind my house. Whats even better is that theres another full moon this week. 2 in one month.

Im exited, its finally given me a reason to get into an evocation. Ill probobly be spending the night on the ground in the woods though heh, It would be hard to sneak back into my house so late at night and not get beat up by my mom.

Who will I evoke? I dont even know that, I have a few sigils. I made an ambremelin square but I dont even know how to open it.

But right now it feels like I should go with the flow. I have a trusting feeling right now. Like the stars are alligned at this moment in time just for me :slight_smile:

Alright, i might as well go get started now, books like that being sold for its price wont last too long.

Yeah I too don’t have too much spare cash right now, fortunately this offer will be around for a bit so there’s time to get it.

Yeah I too don’t have too much spare cash right now, fortunately this offer will be around for a bit so there’s time to get it.[/quote]

Indeed, if only I could manifest gold from pure energy… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not worried about it, I have a feeling I’ll have plenty of money to do what I need to do and buy this tome. :slight_smile:

This is fucking epic! Something I’ve been waiting for! Will the book be ordinary hardcover, in the same standard as the other normal editions of your works, or will it be leatherbound? Or something else?

@Timothy …Question?..which will be released first…some of the videos for sale? or the book? That way one can make the decision how to allocate the money for the purchase one feels would be needed the most initially.

Uncle Fester

It will either be expensive fine cloth, or real leather.

Mastering Divination: Omniscience will be available for you before the opportunity to order The Complete Works expires.

In other words, there will be a period of overlap where both are obtainable. The difference is that you’ll have the freedom to access Mastering Divination indefinitely, whereas this has a deadline.

Timothy…I was wondering the approximate time frame on when the shipping/release of the actual collection would be? Thanks…

Pre-sale ends at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Grimoires ship January and arrive in February.

I remember ordering my special reserve edition of the book of azazel and the natural forces working against it being created… I believe with this book there will be a lot more forces at work. Definitely pre ordering it though. Hopefully it will be seperate books instead of one large book

Oh yes,… This I want!! I’ll start saving the money right now! :slight_smile:

[quote=“Sukujin”]Timothy, any idea at this early stage how many will be printed? Im thinking all the pre-orders plus maybe around 1000?

Also I WANT pictures of it ASAP! :)[/quote]

The quantity we manufacture depends entirely on how many sales there are. We are literally making only as many as you all want.

Hopefully we’ll have an advance copy soon so we can re-shoot the informational video E.A. created, and he can reveal it.

I’m not going to miss out on such a rare gift - definitely going to order.

Thanks E.a

Am I reading this correctly that all of the exercises for the OAA for each flame will be included to advance to the next level through level 18, along with the ritual of each initiation also to be included?


Awesome. Thank you.