Heeeello everybody.
I`ve been with the following doubt for a pretty long time: are the orbs in pics, a manifestation of something of a spiritual nature, or are they plainly something as mundane as dust particles???
Does anybody know for sure which one is the correct answer?

(Also, I wanna put a picture but when I hit “attachments and other options” below it only shows “notify me of replies, don`t use smileys and return to this topic”. How do you upload a pic??


Dust particles or bugs. That’s what I have found working with different paranormal groups.

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I say both. Definitely a ton of dust particles and whatev causing circular reflections and all in photography, but sometimes a spirit just decides to show up in a picture. I tend to determine which is which based on my knowledge of the person sharing the picture, and the sense I get from the picture itself when I look at it.



mm my first thought is that they looked like water marks…But usually you can see that amount of water on the lens especially the amount on the first picture. Interesting they have been taken on different occassions as lens spotting is not so common with water marks as to happen on three occassions. It doesnt look like lens flare either. Floating orbs are common in both ufology, fairie lore, and spiritualism, I know people who have seen them. Nice to think it was that and not just water!


Yeah they were taken even with different cameras. The weather here is is terribly humid but it wasnt raining in any of those days. The first one was taken justa few days something pretty bad and ugly happened in the house, so...I dont know if related the things or not…