🔮 Oracle’s Advice - Part 1

Hello :four_leaf_clover:

I will shuffle the cards for you again and tell you their current advice. It’s general and not on a specific question

• Will be doing it for first 10 people that comment in this thread.
• The reading is public.
• Feedback is appreciated.

Anyone interested? :slight_smile:


I’d be up for one thank you :rose:

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Hi :slight_smile:
I would like one please ! Thank you

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Hey it’s me.

In regards to everything going on I’m feeling much calmer now. Was wondering if I could get Oracle advise to just keep sitting tight or take action?

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Ok, I’m in!

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I am interested.

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I also

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I comment on this thread :smiley:

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That one was for just being quick enough and in the 10 first… this one is for explicitly thanking you :slight_smile:

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I heard the word “confusion” I also felt like singing when I shuffled you you - there seems to be something going on around music or musical?
The cards tell me that you should „sing your own song“ which fits perfectly haha. It could mean you should focus on your work in music or your ideas.

I also saw a baseball :baseball: and heard the word “softball“.
There seems to be a strong aura around you, it’s luminous.

You need peace around you at he moment.

There seems to be a woman having an influence on your finances or she had something to do with it or focus on it.

You have to heal from something to become more happy. The door seems to be open so let it happen :slight_smile:

You might meet someone from your past and there will be reconciliation.
Yes…there is definitely something from your past that will live up again.

You have to always remember that you deserve love.
There seems to be a good chemistry between you and someone else which is worth it.
Don’t be too serious on everything, relationships need some easy times as well.

You should be open for help from others to grow from it. Maybe some kind of mentor or trainer in some way.

You have to work things from your past out to be able to start into your future.

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:

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I had a vision a something that looked like a cupcake with lots of cream in it… could have also been a softice lol
I heard something like „sweet Pie“ or so?

You should live in the present and focus on it. There seems to be some spirit that wants to work with you.
Someone walked away from you and that Energie is still present. It led to some like of anxiety and attachment. You have to heal from something you didn’t really realize at first. It had an influence on your seventh chacra, your connection with your higher self etc.

Cards tell me it’s time to „release an/your ex to clear your energy“ because if you know what you want and have a clear mind about out, there will be a good outcome very soon. So don’t block it with energies.

Be kind to yourself and others, let your inner child play and be happy.
There might also something good happen with finances.

You seem to have gone trough a hard time but this time is ending now. Happy, new times lie ahead.

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:


I would like one!

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

It does resonate quite a bit indeed, been trying to let go of a lot of things to focus more on the present, live in the here and now :slight_smile: . And I also wanted to work more on connecting with my higher self !
Looking forward to the happy times then :smiley:

Thanks again, good reading :+1:


I wouldn‘t ask the cards about a specific situation. It would be a general reading about advice

Ok well if you could I’d greatly appreciate it! I could use all the advice I can get…

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Alright, I think this makes ten :slight_smile:

Nope… that’s eleven. Did you forgot to count yourself? You were the first one to post! :laughing:

Yes but I am so sceptical about doing readings for myself :joy:

You should be prepared that some things could happen in the next time that might make you feel like everything is speeding up all of a sudden. Could mean that things that have been steady for a long time, change pretty quickly.

There also seems to be an entity/spirit that wants to work with you to give you some advice.

You should focus on past lives and matters around them because it seems there is something that should be healed.
You should walk away from something and let it behind.

Use your intuition to take the right decisions.
There seems to be good things ready to be received if you let it happen.

I hope it resonates :hibiscus:

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