I have heard that as a magician begins to become more powerful, opportunities seem to be opened up for him at a rate that makes others think that he is the luckiest person alive. I believe this. But it also seems likely that he just “sees” the opportunities that would have been there anyways. In other words, if you keep your eyes open for red cars, you will find them all over even though they would have been there regardless. How do . You personally know the difference?

The difference is Emotion. If you have Alternate Realities of possibilities, when you do a Shift into a other possible dimension of opportu ity, alot of the time the shift will seem unnoticeable. How you tell the djfference of said opportu ity is say if it is successful or hallens in a slightly different way…this is known by feeling things out in a divinatory way. However, those things are so subtle, because most people dont pay close attention to the subtle emotion.

If every single car you saw all day was red, you’d guess something was going on, right?