Opinions on Tarot Reading

So I’ve done a Tarot Reading on myself for my current situation. And I’m in a bit of a rut for how to get myself through a possibly bad outcome.
My last two job contracts caved due to cancels and my financial buffer can now only carry my life another two months, however I’ve manifested 3 new workings/jobs/contracts that will carry my business and my financial stability a great part of this next year if everything goes according to plan.
(The problem is it never does due to covid, cancellations or in this case my own health.)

I’m currently hospitalized as of last night due to an abnormal abscess that appeared and development into a fairly large golf ball size in 17 hours (magical attack mabye?!?!) They said surgery but after antibiotics and a few mantras (much to the alarm of the hospital staff) the baseball sized little f***** has shrunk on the cat scans to 20 percent or a fifth of it’s size and holding/not going away.

The next job is next week and the 2 others the following.

So I pulled a 3 card draw on my current situation

1 the problem
2 the cause
Wheel of fortune
And 3 the solution
The devil

Here’s the cards

I’m not a pro at tarot but not a beginner either and I can gather empress REVERSED as lack of imaginion and relying on others I much

The wheel of fortune has me guessing
Bad luck

But I’m stuck with the devil for the solution
Any takers???

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What vibes did you get from each card also determines what the reading means not just the cards themselves so outside interpretation is guess work without that information.

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Empress gave me a “self imposed vibe” mabye being careless

Wheel of fortune strongly gives me a bad timing or sense of just dumb luck, but probably accumulative with the first cards statement on my neglection.

The devil makes me think of positivity believe it or not which really confused me with everyone negative talking of binds or being in debt

In this case I’m stumped and trying to see how a positive vibes from the devil card could mean a solution

Perhaps ruffing it through the contracts ? Even if I’m not supposed to fly after surgery?

Well, I think i can help you.

  1. The Reversed Empress means that there is something wrong with your stomach or abdominal area. (could represent no baby or pregnancy if you were a woman)

  2. Wheel of Fortune: Lucky break, opportunity you can take advantage of.

  3. The Devil card represents Drugs. Could be a Script from a Dr. that will help you, luckily.

This could also be an overindulgence of some kind that is not good for you. could be simply people or environment that is toxic. exposed to something toxic. most likely for you in this reading it is medication.
xo Traci


This was very helpful :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

I just checked out your site Traci, I really like the sigil

do you do tarot readings through entities? like if I asked you on a reading to know what Lucifer has to say to me on a particular question, can you aswer through him in tarot?

Sure, of course

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