Opinions on Rituals For Hire

So, I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with “Rituals For hire” from the BALG catalog or any other source? Any feedback, be it good, bad or otherwise is appreciated.


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I’m the kind of guy who will do it myself, but if I had the money, and needed something in particular that I couldn’t do myself, I’d go for it.

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I’ve never had a ritual done, but I did have a bone oracle reading done by Joey Morris from the balg site. Overall i was very impressed, it was a pretty awesome experience


in my opinion It’s rip off asf, I do most of that shit by myself… But if you have money to throw around then why not lol


I particularly prefer to do my own work.

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I have had rituals for hire done. JS Garret, Asenath Mason, Sorsha Runarius, All very powerful results. Through the rituals they have done I have developed a strong connection to the Demons and Deities. I can do my own rituals but the help of people more experienced than I brings better results than I have gotten on my own. I have also learned from them. So it’s not just paying someone to do your work, you are actually learning and becoming able to do your own.

I have only good to say about the services of these magicians.


What site did you find the services ??

Become a Living God and From the Ashes Publishing.

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From the Ashes Publishing has some pretty awesome looking rituals


At From The Ashes I have had rituals from JS & Sorsha. Both kick ass.

At Become a Living God I had rituals from Asenath Mason and JS. Again it was kick ass. I am still receiving benefit from all of them.

AM helped me with a ritual involving Hecate and I have developed a working relationship with Hecate from that. Worth every penny.


Thanks all!

how exactly did things change after this ritual? Did you acquire new abilities?

Things are still changing. We did not focus on acquiring new abilities. I have acquired a connection that is deeper than before. The ritual with AM will result in a lifetime of benefit that unfolds at it’s own pace.
I believe one benefit of working with someone who has more experience and knowledge, is the connections to the entities that develop.

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How long did it take to see results?