Opinions on petitions?

I’ve been trying out Gordon Winterfield’s DoM Ritual 2, only been a week but things are seemingly going well.
My question is with the petition writing. He says to write it out as if it’s something that’s already happened …does it have to be that way? I feel so odd saying “I have a silver car with heated seats for the monthly payment of ___” (just an example) instead of just talking and explaining to the spirit what I’d like help with and why.
I always end up resorting to a regular “conversation” because I feel like I need to detail/explain why I’m coming to the spirit with whatever request, but then I worry it won’t work because it’s not said correctly and it ends up throwing me off.

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Really the only instruction is to keep it short and simple. The spirit doesn’t need to know the why of your request. That doesn’t concern them, and you never have to justify it to them.

You can phrase it any way you wish but it should be as a command. “Lucifer, I ask that you bring me $400,” rather than “Lucifer, if it’s okay with you, I’d like you to bring me $400 so I can pay my rent.”


As someone that’s new it can become a little overwhelming when trying to learn …especially for someone that’s a perfectionist and a natural “oh no, is this right?!” type, so I truly appreciate your help with this and my many other posts =)


You’re welcome. That’s what we’re all here for. :slight_smile:

One thing to keep in mind, is that a spirit will do what you say, so you never need to give them a reason for your request. However, if they foresee a problem, they might ask you, “are you sure you want that?” I have had a couple of spirit I evoked do that because they saw some issues with what I wanted.

I made a post on petition spells that might help you with your phrasing if you don’t want to use that recommended in the book.


I have that post bookmarked =) Lots of wonderful information that has helped me become much more confident in my petitions.

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I’m trying to do these rituals myself, but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. I think the first part of the instructions are meant to put a person into trance, but it definitely doesn’t work for me. I think that’s where I go wrong.

Then again, I’ve been practicing with meditation and trance for over a year now and can’t do it. I’ve done flames, visualizations, pretty much every method on this forum, binaural beats, drums, and even hypnosis. I do get a little lightheaded because of the deep breaths, but mentally nothing happens, and the lightheadedness leaves the minute the next part of the ritual starts. Perhaps it’s because I’m a maladaptive daydreamer (a disorder just called MDD), so visualizing isn’t different enough from constant daydreaming.

Is it possible to get massive results from written petitions without trance? I’d like maybe a spirit to help me, and I manage to have poor luck. I still have my I-can-do-this attitude, though; I just need to figure out how I’m wired up and what makes magic work.

Heck, even Pam Grout’s E Squared hasn’t done anything yet. I did the first experiment where you ask for a miracle within the next 48 hours and the very next day my dog and best friend died suddenly of hemangiosarcoma.

I feel like Jack Skellington trying to figure out Christmas.