Opinions/Experiences with the Book of Smokeless Fire?

I just ordered the paperback version of the book. What do you guys think about it? Any cool successes or experiences that you would be open to sharing? Is it an easy or hard system to work?

I also have that Book, i rarely say that from a Book, but this Grimoire is really ‘‘Potent and Dangerous’’ it must be use with Caution , for me this Grimoire is like a Sword that you use as the very Last Resort, of course this is only my personal view,

Since i didn’t have any Enemy or need to use it for now, i didn’t performed any Ritual in that Book yet, I read it though and find the System especially the New Circle and Triangle very Interessting, the Simplicity in the Tool needed is also something i appreciate.

This Book emanate a Fiery Dark Power that i can easily Feel by simply Looking, thinking or touching it.

I think having a Book like that is always Useful , it also make me feel more Secure since i know i have a ‘‘Weapon’’ to protect me from mostly anythings.

I agree that the Ritual must be put to test, And sure when the need will arise i will, But even if i didn’t performed any Ritual from that Book, Being an Adept i used many Ritual from many Grimoire and after sometime you can get a Feel simply by seeing, touching, reading or even thinking about a Specific Grimoire and Know if it will Work for you or not.

This Grimoire give me a Similar Feeling to the Goetia and even to the KoF Grimoire, That i have used many , many time succesfully So I’m Sure it will Work for me

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I agree Mephistor its a dangerous one. In fact i think three only Djinn in that book that isnt really đ
Detailed is Iblis. I. Am. Not sure if he is even ok to work with aside from baneful magick although it seems SBQ has done so without sending him forth so thats a possibility

I’ve used the book couple of times and while the jinn were very intense and the ritual made me feel like a homicidal maniac for about a week, the results on physical plane were less impressive. At least one person I’ve used it for is still alive and it’s been about two years. I can’t confirm whether or not this person’s life became any worse though.

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