Opinion of the matter, should I post it?

I have seen, multi threads about, people needing hexes, curses, banishment, and hurt, and chaos spells, I have many that really really work from experience of others using them and seeing the results and as well a few of mine own that have worked. But seeing that so many on here. Want to hurt people from in posts over minor things. I think I would ask the thought of the community if sharing just valuable info that really works. Is worth it, I don’t need people intending to use, such real powerful magic, to hurt no one who don’t deserve it.

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Personally, not as a moderator, I would not put guns in the hands of children (who cannot be supervised) because they do not understand what they’re doing.

This is NOT a mod guideline as I said, and I am aware this site sells books teaching curses to anyone who wishes to read them, and that there are multiple posts about curses which with mod hat on I will defend from being moralised or derailed into silence.

But I do not share baneful methods on here myself for the reason given, I guess it’s just not my dharma to be a channel for that kind of thing. Some people do curse for utterly retarded reasons and the targets are in no way “deserving” in my opinion.

Also, you can expect anything you share to be used against you, because edgelords tend to resent those who help them, and to see you as a marker to be taken down so they can feel they have “moved up a grade”… the old “student has surpassed the Master” concept. :man_shrugging:


They ain’t exactly that easy for minors to get their hands on though. I had pretty tolerant parents for that sort of thing, and I still wouldn’t have been allowed them if my mom could understand english at the time…well the Kingdoms of flame one anyway. I was supposedly an adult when I got more books from Koetting.
…Forgot about pdf’s. I’m aware you can get pretty much any of the books from internetz if you search hard enough


Beyond my normal thinking, you are more then right Lady Eva, I so respect why you don’t share with them, on here, to many think ego and use it so wrong.

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I think the fact that you’re having doubts about doing it shows what your own values are. :smiley:


You just made my day, saying that Lady Eva, thank you, blessing of so love just been sent your way, from me, Yes my values aren’t to just ruin, give away ruin, but rather in discussion for it, but always taken wrong, I respect all people and beings and animals, and this world. People are good at other things then others, but it doesn’t make them better then anyone else. We all learn from one another, to make our life’s better.

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Lady eva you mention they sell books on this site, where I don’t see that. id like too look at some of them. see if they could be useful to me.

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Not Lady Eva but perhaps I can help …https://www.becomealivinggod.com/books/


Thank You Akashiel, be blessed :slight_smile:

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You have to admit, though, that a group of armed-to-the-teeth, hyperactive toddlers would certainly make for entertaining results. :thinking:

@Blond I say share away. It’s on the individual person whether they choose to use your knowledge wisely or foolishly, and you may help someone out there who might not otherwise be able to resolve a difficult situation in their life. The more freely available knowledge, the better IMO. :+1:


I have 1000s of spells I written of my own on 100s of subjects, but casted them all no, given away to friends that needed yes. You make a good point, so does eva, I won’t cast anything in hate or pain flicking I know of. But i’ll put together some life changers, with some binding that can make hard conflict go neutral more instead of just driving it away with hexes, curses, banishing, chaos. I get feelings, when someone uses my magic, for wrong doing. Thats a guilt I can’t live with. So by afar, if i see someone that really needs, more likely a pm will come then just so openly. Maybe in the future here when so many, targeting people threads seems to die down.

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I log into one every morning… thousand-yard-stare.jpg

But back in serious mode, I proposed this a while ago:



I can see how that sort of total enlightenment curse would be devastatingly effective (although, perhaps not on someone like Zaphod Beeblebrox).

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I’ll share a the lesson life wants to teach everyone, I learned it threw self research and help of OMG Tarot, that has been my life saver for many years, it is my life without it, seriously I’d be a sitting duck for so many things I needed answers too and help too.

But before that lesson some statements
To be assertive doesn’t mean you have to act like a pit bull with a bone. It is a little sass, but backed by logic and wits, and then served with dashes of finesse. Present your statement as just that. It is not a question. Stick with these things and you have the desired effect you wish to have. Practice makes perfect. You’ll get better at getting what you want.
-------To make sure your intentions are followed with perfect action, try this practice. Sit in a cross-legged position on a mat or cushion, and meditate on your body. Then see a bright red light descending from the heavens to fill you up with strength and power. As your cells feel refreshed and renewed, close the ritual, knowing that your physical self is ready for action.

Now a lesson that needs to be learned by all !
Adult composure in the face of adversity is the secret to life and the glorious face of triumph. To beat any situation, yes sometimes desperate magic is needed, for fast relief but that is all it does. Casting yourself with power to be better, stronger, smarter, knowledge is power to win what every want. So just remember this, to rise out of any situation with happiness that is how its done ! If you agree or not. That is the truth of the matter.


I wouldnt post it. But if you work with people on here or need people to test your methods you could always use the direct message feature.

Id personally love to try your methods, tho i dont like hurting people, ive been curious about chaos magic and curses.

What just explained above is chaos magic in the being, can be used in many method really, but mainly its success of what you want to happen, so you must use it for that, in such powerful ways, and also getting many others to see it add there impressions to it, to feed it more and more. But can be done solo, if you got the will stronger then any might. Tarot in itself is a form of it before, the 1970s when it was really developed into a newer method, of sigils and imaging and pictures and mind focus and chants to really drive success. good or evil

My methods are tougher then others cause I like the complex way, simple or just normal or just getting it don’t work for me. I need all the right words all the right symbols or I just can’t do it. Why tarot is my life, it instructs me what I need to do it. Then I apply it and its mine.

Also let me add for chaos magic you need to label your resource like many do in money spells, they just imagine money, but having a resource, say example I want to win 500 bucks on this lotto ticket scratch off you need to list that into your magic, then vision it. Success is Success no room for failure in chaos magic.

Example of something, if you wanna see my methods, simple version of this spell
So first you close your eyes. Now imagine all of your veins glowing a color (i.e. red). Do this for at least 25-30 minutes. Then, SLOWLY open your eyes and look at your arm.

This spell inflicts pain, lots of it. Scratches will appear, hurting 3 to 4 times more than they normally would.- Use with caution, lasts a few weeks. No reversal <<<
Just so you know this is meant to be a punishment spell, for serious deeds. Don’t play with this shit cause its serious, and does work.

You need a piece of paper with the persons full name on it, you can add anything the is theirs too birth date, item, hair, ect. just inflicts it more. This isn’t a over the internet spell that you can just use without having the persons real name, so why its being ok listed here openly :smiley:
Place paper in front of you, place hand on it. Recite.

Blood boils, blisters, cuts.
Headaches, bruises, and stomach pains.
Let my magic bring harm,
To the one who has harmed me.
Gashes, scratches,toothaches.
Broken bones, and shattered dreams.
Let their cruelty to me, manifest physically.
Blood, pain, from unknown place,
Befall them now, deliver my revenge.


I’ve shared my fair share of stuff in that realm. I don’t do it much anymore unless it is some situation I can sympathize with or the target is one I can get behind. I do use my powers quite often to control things around me but I don’t go all out blasting people for no reason and I would much prefer to talk about the mechanics involved in magick and ways to fuck with and break normal reality to get what you want.

Most of my more destructive work lately has been in the direction of creating certain changes to avoid much greater bad things from happening and I don’t talk about it except with really close friends. I much prefer just causing general mischief and amusement for myself. Though I know many of the sort you talk about can’t use my style of magick very well because of the prerequisites involved in training that particular style to be fully effective. Much of it is all or nothing and if you half ass some part of it the rest is liable to be ineffective or backfire.

I do certainly think too many are far too petty in their dealings or how they go about things but I try to largely ignore them otherwise I would spend all day ranting.


Thanks a bunch, i will work with this somehow, i have a feeling ill learn something integral to my own craft.

Thank you for your knowledge :grin:

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Keep your Eye out for my posts, I got a lot coming, very soon, that will be useful, and always teaching it.
Also got a few on luck and money and decisions right now i just put out there a few days ago.


Bout to start creepin through your profile then thanks.