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The truth is that most grimoires actually evoke demons by the aid of the superiors in the hierarchy of Hell itself. This is usually overlooked, but a great many contain direct reference the higher up demons in evocation.
The Goetia gives conjurations addressed to Amaymon and the other princes of the quartered to subdue the Goetic demons.
The grand grimoire’s incantation for pacts make direct appeal to Lucifer, Astaroth, and Beelzebub for protection and obedience from Lucifuge Rofocale.
The Grimorium Verum requires a pact with the 3 superiors(the same spirits mentioned in the grand grimoire) and invocation to Scirlin to evoke the demons therein.
YHVH only appears to have control over specific, GT manifestations of the demons that seek to fit the expectations sorcerers have for them. In reality, YHVH has no control over the chthonic realms. No more than Zeus or any other celestial deity.

I think the same Euoi but it seems to me a curious article

Can’t say I can get behind any article that needs to use the phrase “Jewish scum” since that carries a ton of baggage - I’m all for criticising belief systems, but making it personal and tied to the person’s ethnic group loses the argument right away. And it’s hardly as though all Jewish people evoke demons as a matter of routine.

Also, this seems odd: “The author wrote of his experience in summoning Bim/Bune. Many Satanists have met Bune. She is friendly and helpful when shown the proper respect and summoned through Satan.”

Buné’s been very helpful to me on an ongoing basis and I didn’t “summon” the spirit in this method, I asked Belial for help with something and was recommended to speak to Buné, who’s now helping me with ancestral work.

By promoting their Satan as the only kind of “agent” or conduit to Buné, they’re doing a similar version of what they accuse the grimoires of, so I think that while the superficial criticism of the grimoires is correct, beneath the surface this lacks any kind of cohesiveness.

Anyway I think we’re a long way from needing a welfare agency for demons, they seem to be doing just fine, for all the threats and stuff in the grimoires.