Opfaal’s Influence

Last night, at my breaking point, I asked Opfaal for help dealing with all the shit in my life. The addiction, the mental illness, the stress. Today I woke up with an idea in my mind that I’d never had before. I grabbed my Juul, took one last hit for old time’s sake, and flushed it down the toilet. I can’t tell you why I did it. It didn’t even seem like my idea or decision, but I’m glad I did. Quitting nicotine and beating that addiction was Opfaal’s first step for me. Going cold turkey is going to be hard and it will probably make things feel worse at first. But with the help of the Angel of Deliverance I know I can overcome any hardship placed in my path. Hail Opfaal.


That’s awesome that he’s helping u! But please don’t flush objects down the toilet, it will cause major problems and plumbers are expensive.