Opfaal for weightloss

I have sent Opfaal to two people in the past to break their addictions.

In breaking the specific addiction of the target, other addictions gave way. I sent him to someone for alcoholism for example, and the person also stopped smoking cigarettes, and other things done out of habit ceased to be a regular behavior like watching too much TV , which might not be thought of as addictive but can be.

One of these individuals experienced a breaking of an addiction to high fat and sugar foods as well as the primary addiction I was trying to help with. Junk food and fast food are addictive. I remember learning that in health class as a teen but didn’t think about it again until this point. They lost 35lbs in about 2 and a half months.

Drank nothing but water, no juice, milk, or anything with sugar. No drive thru suppers or cheesey stovetop meals, no overeating. Did not start an exercise routine or increase physical activity.

In both of these people, my notes show that Opfaals influence lasts for three months, then when the addictionS are fully broken it’s up to the will power of the individual to MAINTAIN it from there on. They each slipped up at about 3-3.5 months gradually getting their bad habits back.

“I’ve been dry for months, one beer won’t hurt, I’m good now” :tired_face: Ya try to help someone :roll_eyes:

Anyone who wants a jumpstart on weightloss, consider Opfaal. He will break your addiction to unhealthy foods, make it easier for a while. But it is up to YOU to maintain the results.

Good Luck, and if you try this yourself or for someone else I’d love to hear your success.

Happy Casting,
:rose: Jezebelle :rose:


Everyone who works with Opfaal is totally pleased. One of the greatest and very powerful.


Very soothing as well in my experience. He has a “kind but focused” feel.


Hii will you please help me … can you send opfaal to me for weight loss. Am soo tired all the time. My addiction just get the hold of me. If you can please help me. I’ve try on my own but no success.( maybe am doing something wrong . I dont know but am quite desperate here. Can you PM me if you will help me then I can give you more details. Thank you.

Would you PM me to talk about sending opfaal

Can you please tell me how can I summon him?

You can summon Opfaal the same way you summon any spirit. Just Open his seal and call him.

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Thank you