Opening your third eye?

So I think this goes here but I’m not sure so I just started meditating last week like every day and today I think I made a break through I started with the intention of meeting my power animal I finally did today it is a Fox. She is a female Fox the reason I know is she was very protective of me through out My journey to the lower world. But through out the journey I saw some incredible stuff and she led me to a unfinished portion of my world and I didn’t realize it because I was enjoying my surroundings and she pulled me back and blocked me and jumped in my arms and hugged me then I felt this crazy pressure between my eyes almost like pins and needles and I woke up crackling with energy and feeling soo happy. It was so intense I want to reflect on my experience before I go back. I still feel the energy after 4 hours of doing this any thoughts if this was me opening up my third eye or any different aspect of this practice I just don’t know about???

All we on the forum can do is guess at what happened based on your report of the experience.

If you met your spirit fox, then next time you meet, you should ask her.

I know you are just beginning, and when something cool happens like this you want to report it. Its cool. Though the only person who knows exactly what happened and what she did is your fox. Getting somebody else notions of what might have happened could lead to false conclusions. <-- thats all I am saying.

You should do exactly that. Go back ready and with questions and with purpose. I think you will find your journey very insightful!

Journeys and spirit work is very personal.

Also on a less serious note: OMG a fox! That is so cool that your spirit animal is a fox ^.^

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Thank you for the info, I understand it could lead to false accusations and that’s the last thing I want!! But I’d figure I’d ask just to gather more insight. But also it was a more of a report just to tell some one ya know…it’s crazy I still feel her with me right now!!! I’m still crazy new to everything and it’s just nice to talk to like minded individuals that share somewhat of the same experiences lol. But I still have much to learn and I am learning that. And I can’t wait to see what she has in store!!!

And ik right a Fox it’s amazing. She was awesome and so inquisitive and loving.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I understand your motivation.

There is not a lot to draw from, because from my experiences with spirits in general all their touches feel like pins and needles and like a magnetic force in the air. Some are warm, others are cold, that is just what spirits feel like to me when they reach out and ‘touch me’.

I am not sure what she did, she could be helping regulate and balance your energy system -your whole system not just working your third eye chakra-. Or she could just be reinforcing her presence in your life, letting you know that she is there, because doubt can destroy practices such as these. She honestly could be doing a lot of things.

I just dont feel I have the necessary experience or fullness of understanding of the story to really judge is all.

Those would be my shots in the dark if I had to make them.

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I wrote it out on a journal here just to get it down after I experienced it. But I understand these are very personal experiences. I feel like your experiences would be way different than mine but that’s the fun part of all this I think😁

Anyways thank you again for the insight and any more progress I will post on here. But in the mean time I will reflect on everything that has happened to day and use this experience to make our communication more strong :muscle: thanks again

I do hope you find out more.

I find journeys fascinating to read about along with the experiences interpretations of what happened.

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Did you feel an energy shoot up your spine with this tingling sensation in between your eye brows, or just this massive burst of energy within, expanding through out to body?

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Massive, massive energy. The most euphoric feeling I’ve ever felt in my life.:drooling_face:

Sorry still kinda feeling it. It’s expanding throughout my entire body mainly resonates in my stomach but travels to my head and levels out between my eyes

Your third eye has then awakened, congratulations, remember to put your third eye to use otherwise it’s power will fade.

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I don’t doubt you at all but I need to communicate with my spirt animal and ask her just so I can clarify that is what happened. I’m still feeling really intense and energized but relaxed and bloated almost lmao :joy: like I ate a reallly good turkey dinner

Thank you for your insight