Opening The Kingdoms Of Flame

I was wondering what is suppose to happen when you open the KoF squares.I opened the first one before I did the Martal initiation ritual,but didn’t quite understand why the square was important.Thanks for any input.

Ive read Kof a couple of times.i think you have to open the astral gate first.i had trouble opening the astral gate and scrying into the black midnight sky. But after reciting the oratation and trying to laydown in the drawn gate on the cement basketball court i had trouble scrying

So they’re not majick squares for spirits to come through then? They’re to be drawn and opened like the gateways in the BoA?

You can open them as gateways during an evocation in order to establish a stronger link with the entity, and you can use them as gateways to soul travel to each kingdom.

Do you have to.draw the gate on the floor peior the evocation?

I’ve only worked with Sastan, the times I used the Square I drew it on a piece of paper. It always worked for me.

You can draw it on a large black mirror and open it, then use the open sigil and the mirror as a way to boost soul travel to that realm and travel through the mirror. It’s the same way I work with the Qlippoth. But at least a basic skill in soul travel is needed first before you can see any results using this method. Also, evoking an entity or ruling entity from that realm first and ask for their help through the realm as a guide, then invoke them (in temporary possession to attune your energy to their realm) to boost this to a higher level.

Can these entities assist you in learning how to soul travel?

Im pretty sure there were some in KoF that could, though I don’t remember off the top which ones. I’ll check, been a while since I’ve read it.