Opening the cackras

How someone should feel when the cackras are opening? Which are the sensations and/or manifestations? I suppose many of you have already experienced this.

In my experience different for each chakra. Usually however, a localized sensation of tingling, heat, or sometimes just an odd sensation. They tend to center on the nerve plexus that are near each one.

Just having a sensation does not mean the chakra is active, and having no sensation does not mean it is inactive.

It seems to be strongest when they are first opening, and gets calmer and more normal until it’s almost not noticeable. At least that is how it has been for me.

Also a shift in life experience relating to the power of a chakra in which you feel the change is a good indication that something is going on.

One example is sometimes I’d feel a tingling in my forehead and have some episodes of sporadic clairvoyance and increased empathy, to the extant of feeling physical pain when near people with injuries, and shivering when near sick people.

It’s different for everyone though.

Hope that helps.