Opening Sigils on the screen (and sigil making doubt)

either cellphone, laptop or whatever… it is so diferent from do in it on paper?

I wonder because I’ve been working with te Cybershaman program, very cool program, and before launching anything I go into TGS and the sigils used well… is the same than in paper, even more they more liquid like and sometimes they remind me of how the pictures from harry potter move, much like when you look pictures in lsd (I’ve have not used lsd like in 5 years, nor I use drugs from a similar period)

I know there are people that like to do fancy sigils, others do it with pen (or marker) and paper… when I do a sigil I actually draw it with respect and put effort into it but is nothing fancy…

so a thing that is been bothering me is that doubt… does it really matters how the sigil is made, I’m talking for a simple operation such as opening a sigil

thanks for the answers

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If it works, it works :slight_smile:

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thnks for the answer Seeker, I guess thats what really matters

I was kinda paraphrasing Uncle Chuckie, but hey, I’m sure that’s what he would have said.

It works! At least for me…
I used Raphaels Sigil on my Tablet to heal my father.
He had 2 to 3 heart strokes a month all year an no one knew why. We were in doubt if he would make it.
The Day after i used the Sigil he got a nother stroke and went to hospital but this time they did find why.
Now he is working again, takes half the drugs and getting better.
So I am pretty sure it works…


I sometimes used on the screen, but more often one I’ve drawn in my notes, so it isn’t a “talismanic-type token” …
I wonder about how EA often writes/speaks about having a physical form that can be “closed” via burning or perhaps burying. (as on the screen, or say “opened” in the book, isn’t something that can be burned- at least not more than once)…

so if it is sort of “permanent” but not in the sense of a “permanently sustaining opened”…
First the question is where it needs to be a separate physical item (as you declare above in this post) but
Second whether is can be “closed” without having to destroy the physical form (say in the sense that the image is “opened” to likewise close, and then later that same drawing can be opened again).
Third, whether “closing” is needed (EA and some others have written about how an Opened sigil remains active, while in others it seems once its purpose has been achieved (or just a certain time has passed) that it goes dormant?)

thanks taokua

so basically is about the “astral drippin” right? If you keep the open sigils they kind of fill the enviroment with their energy… so that’s basically why they’re brun after opening… but… if not, do they lose the power?

I read about a magick square for money thread that is better to burn them after the money has arrived

and on the topic of using technology, screens, etc and taking account the description of psionic “energy”, it is impulse by light, thoughts and emotion, and take forms with patterns, so perhaps it is better to use in works that are constant? (such as keeping a magick barrier in your house or a “bad luck magnet” over someone)

because keeping the work day by day, for example a love work to find someone, may create an undesirable result by creating the illusion that “person hasn’t arrived yet” (please correct me if I’m wrong, thanks)

You just need to imprint the sigil in your mind, that’s why you gaze at it, you need to tap into the vibration. So yea, of course it works.


lol I feel kind of dumb now

yeah, of course is not the ink in the paper or the darwing in the screen but I, myself who is the channel and source of the change

hahaha now everything has changed for better

Ca-n you explain how to ude it on your tablet/computer/laptop/cellphone?