Opening sigils - magick of angels and demons

So I got the book the magick of angels and demons by Henry archer and thought I would try but then I see in other posts on forum about opening sigils and the book didn’t mention anything like that

Anyone else used the book?

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It is my favorite grimoire!

Use the ritual as Archer wrote it, it’s just 13 easy steps that can be done in mere minutes, it will work.

The five spirits will work in harmony to get you what you want, so do not bother. The whole idea is that the ritual is simple, so you don’t need to fall in TGS or anything, but maybe do the void meditation just before starting. Even if it is not necessary, it will put you in the right mood.


Not every system of magick uses the same method. If you read the actual Goetia, it doesn’t talk about opening the seals either. Neither do S. Connolly’s demonolatry books, or any of the Golden Dawn material. It doesn’t mean those systems don’t work, it just means they do things differently.


Ah excellent thank you. I had success before with NAP but I had to get very deep into trance before I really did get success and I also attributed that success to a sigil spell on the forum. Was a bit wierd I guess having to look at something so unable to put myself deep in trance but I did complete a ritual and actually I did feel quite calm after- I guess I won’t know if it’s worked till it’s worked but it’s encouraging to know I didn’t miss a step. Might try some other things to see what happens from it

That book…
That book is a gem, I tell you.

Follow all the steps outlined,
You will have no problem.
You are been heard
By the spirits.


Thank you the encouragement is definitely calming and helpful… I’ll carry on with the book

Any other book recommendations? Feel like reading today

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The Kybalion by Three Initiates
A good read if you have not read it.


Thanks I have but a few years ago so perhaps I could re read it

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Just looking back where is the void meditation? Was that in the book?

Nah, it is a meditation technique. You can find it for free here in the forum, just use the search function.

Sorry for the late reply, time zones an all.


Thanks I did earlier and came across it, not sure I’ve got it but will reread till I understand.

I just tried doing another ritual in the book - kinda same purpose but slightly different request and different angels and demon - found it hard to stay focused when trying to remember all the names even though I did write the ritual out beforehand so I had a guide as I went but I did feel quite excited and happy during and before it

I guess I don’t want to layer the spells so much it overwhelms and has a negative effect but then if they are working on differing things to bring about the same ultimate aim it should be okay?

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This is what I do:

If you have the ebook, take a screen with the sigils; a picture if paper. In any software that allows it, put the image and write the names above in the right order. If needed, keep the steps written in a piece of paper. It is normal to get confussed before you learn the ritual, so don’t worry that much. If you do something wrong, you won’t piss them, they still work with you. If you do it reaaaally wrong, the worst thing that will happen is that there won’t be any contact to begin with.

I think so. I’m doing a seven days project right now (with another grimoire) and I just tell the demons I’ve worked with so and so and will be working with so and so next. This is new for me, but it should work.

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Interesting… and good tips. I guess I just won’t know till I see results but I’m quite calm and confident that I will at some point.

It’s a bit strange doing a ritual that requires such little effort working with such powerful beings - I didn’t tell them I had worked with so and so, but perhaps I’ll tweak it and include that in future. I’m sure they’re aware I’m a beginner lol


Be aware: I’m telling them because the grimoire I’m working with advises so.

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Okay it doesn’t say that in the book I’m working with so I’m sure it’s fine thanks

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Hey guys. In the step where you speak your request in your mind, do you just say "I ask that… (your request); or do you say “by the power of … I ask that” in your mind?

Just say “I ask that…”

What grimoire is that?

“Lucifer & the hidden demons”

Ok :wink:

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