Opening Rituals (Lucifer)

Before you open any rituals always start with Lucifer. Draw his sigil, Light 2 White Candles and A Blue Candle Face East and say:
" Father Lucifer, I thank you for opening doors in my life. I thank you for removing obstacles and anyone who stands in the way of my success. Please continue to remove predators and imposters and protect me from harm. Thank you for the work you have done and what you continue to do. Thank you for giving me the power you allow me to have. Thank you for being here now and allowing your presence in my life.

Continue to meditate on the sigil before you work with another spirit. Now call upon the spirit you wish to work with and write down what you want. Meditate until you feel the presence of that spirit. If it’s a familiar you will notice a weaker energy. Ask them to direct a message to the spirit you want to work with and continue to call it until you achieve it’s presence.
Always burn the sigil after a ritual. Consider it as an offering or dedication.

I had a hard time evoking Asmoday at first so don’t give up.



Thank you!

I anoint with my blood the wick of the candles (2, black), lit them, with the Athame I draw an inverted pentagram in the air and I call, with blood and fire, the Power of Darkness.

This is my opening