Opening portals And physical beings coming out

I am new to using pre made sigils and I came across one I forget the name at the moment… bummer but it is very intricate I studied it in detail learning how it works… it’s about opening portals. So… I printed out the sigil and colored it and put my energy into it and put a tea light upon it.

I set a grid around for protection and clearing and relaxed into a meditative state in the bath with this sigil. (I can’t believe the name of it is blanking out) as I was in this meditation I felt a hand grab my leg in the bath and I heard a splash… somehow a portal opened and as I speak about this I feel myself accidentally opening it again… oops… let me control my energy.

The fact something physical came through even though it was just a hand makes me wonder… has anyone else experienced such things?

(Oooh the pressures of the room are changing just by me thinking of this memory)


You don’t need a answer to the question. You need to Get your ass of this forum and get to summoning whole Demons and beings :joy:


Yes spirits will do that. My familiar does this to me all the time when I’m in the shower. Literally I’ll feel her hands around my calves, etc. Let’s just put it this way, if you open a sigil, chances are you’ll get some kind phenomena. So when you do a ritual and leave it going while you do other things. It’s active. I would almost expect something like that to happen. My advice, if this is what you typically do, then I would just mentally prepare myself for paranormal activity. Or if this bothers you or you’re not ready for this yet then I would close the sigil before taking a bath, etc.


Ooooo I love spiritual contact. I haven’t had this happen in a long time because of shielding but it is always insane to see it happen to people.

You definitely manifested something into the physical.

I have to be actively ungrounding myself for stuff like this to happen to me… and even then, they tend to just mess with things around me, not me directly like that.

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Yes, once I activated a sigil in a hotel room. I was meant to destroy it to release the demons. Meanwhile I decided to take a shower, and the demon appeared in front of me while I was in the shower. Then, I went out and came back to find my stuff rearranged in my hotel room, it was so funny how they want to make themselves known. You are doing well, keep going, they are keen to come into our world to support us.

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The sigil was for the bath… I was using the water as a conduit to Open further. Nah I enjoyed it… just curious if others have had physical things come through. It was my first time doing a prepared sigil meditation work… I wasn’t expecting anything more than astral or visions to occur so it was exciting!


Very cool, keep up the good work. I haven’t experienced anything in a bath yet, but I like to call on Poseidon while I’m there, he’s good to talk to.

Ahhh, I see! Then that’s an awesome experience. One that I enjoy too from the many intelligences I work with. I’m constantly having paranormal activity. Nothing malevolent, just them letting me know their there and wanting to commune.

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