Opening of the astral senses / second sight

This has always been an interesting topic for me and I wanted to see your experiences in opening your astral senses also known as the second sight. What were your thoughts when you first saw the astral? For me it looks completely different to what I expected. The glowing orbs that seem to dance around and the lightning like effects are interesting. One expects the second sight to be like the first sight but it is so much different yet the same. It is very difficult to describe. It is almost like negatives in a picture with colour.

An interesting experience I have is when doing the darkness ritual from Works of Darkness, I heard the darkness mocking me in my bedroom. I heard a spirit-like entity come up on my left side and say ‘‘What are you doing?’’ in a mocking tone. it seems this kind of work draws entities towards you as the darkness becomes aware of you.

What are your experiences? I wonder if anyone else experiences those corner of eye astral movements - anyone know what they are?


I have always been able to do this, and to hear spirits, sometimes to varying degrees.

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Probably ghosts is what you’re seeing most of the time, they tend to not show themselves completely, but this can happen. I do see the orbs as well, but not the lightning like things you mentioned. :slight_smile:

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It’s not astral if you see them physically. The astral is the mental plane existing on its own. If you see things physically out the corner of your eyes it’s still physical, just the energetic layer of the physical. That’s why it’s not called “astral” senses because it’s not limited to the astral it’s just clairvoyant abilities or psychic senses. Calling them astral senses isn’t accurate because it’s not just the astral.


Yes, the more you grow energetically the more entities are attracted to you. Thats why shielding and protection are paramount and should be the first thing a new practicioner learns.