Opening / Closing a Ritual

I’m reading Lucifer Awakening and it talks about opening and closing a ritual. Please advise on some ways that you do this in your temple or at your altar. Thank you for any help or material. I want to be sure I have studied sufficiently and know what I’m doing before I actually begin doing anything. Just studying for now and I have lots of questions.

Hopefully someone that does opening/closing of rituals will chime in, in the meantime I’ll do my best to explain it as I understand it.


Casting a circle of you do it
Calling corners/quarters/watchtowers whichever you call it, if you do it
Invitation/summoning/calling for evocation or invocation (if you’re doing that)


Could be the evocation or invocation alone or in addition to spellwork/rite/ritual


License to depart if you do it
Banishing if you do it
Shutting down circle of you do it

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It’s called Banishing and Evoking. These twin rituals form the basis of all others. If these are not learnt there will always be trouble - often sooner rather than later.


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I used to work with the Golden Dawn and would open with the Banishing ritual and close with the Rose Cross, I was wondering if there were other suggestions of opening and closing while working this new path with Lucifer. I’m trying to learn and study before I do anything as I do know about troubles it can cause. Thank you.

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Mind if I pm you later? Had some questions regarding GD rituals

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Of course, if I don’t answer I’ve stepped away for the night and work all day, but I’ll be around soon enough.

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