Opening and balancing Chakras

So I took a free online test which is likely worth what I paid for it to see what chakras were blocked. It has you answer some questions and based on your answers tells you how your chakras are functioning. I took it for shits and giggles and don’t entirely agree with the results but what the hell right?

My results said that my root and sacral chakras were blocked or under active all other chakras were open and my throat was over active. It provides some basic exercises for opening the chakras. Anyways I thought I’d share this and see if anyone else agreed or disagreed with their results.

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I do agree you talk WAY TOO MUCH fer sure (throat chakra son!).You would have to ask your ole lady about your sacral/sexual center…heehee. And I agree that the test is probably worth what you paid for it. From my experience, the best people to get a really a good “read” are energy workers - Reiki, even some long term Yoga practitioners, even a highly skilled massage therapist that has experience in Myo-fascial release & Cranio/Sacral. If you go the Cranio/Sacral route, make sure they practice the Barnes methodology. Barnes literally wrote the book on that shit.

@TWF…Here are my results, lol…

Root: under-active (-6%) agree
Sacral: open (25%) agree
Navel: open (25%) agree
Heart: under-active (-6%) agree
Throat: over-active (69%) disagree, lol should be normal
Third Eye: over-active (69%) may be accurate…
Crown: open (44%) agree


Here’s what I got, and tried to be honest with the test –
Root: under-active (-62%)
Sacral: under-active (-6%)
Navel: under-active (-50%)
Heart: open (38%)
Throat: open (6%)
Third Eye: under-active (-12%)
Crown: under-active (-38%)

Just a bit low in some of them … I think I need more mediation or yoga in my life.


Root: under-active (-31%)
Sacral: open (44%)
Navel: under-active (-31%)
Heart: open (25%)
Throat: open (38%)
Third Eye: under-active (6%)
Crown: open (50%)

Here are my results, I had to retake the test and tried to answer the same as before. The only difference is now my crown chakra is under active.

Root: under-active (-31%)
Sacral: under-active (-6%)
Navel: open (38%)
Heart: open (12%)
Throat: over-active (75%)
Third Eye: open (62%)
Crown: under-active (0%)

I just don’t agree with the sacral at all unless they mean being a loving emotional person. I probably have less than 8 people in my life I could honestly say I care about, everyone else could die or leave and I’d be bummed for about an hour. I’m not a trusting person by nature but I don’t feel that I’m insecure or lack confidence, I used to but worked to change that and be more assertive.

Well TWF,

If Sinata and I died…you would ALL ALONE here on BALG. Z555 is going sunning in the Caribbean soon, and Alk…well…he keeps changing his avatar.

Christ, I should be sleeping right now, but I know how all of you need me…so here I is. Mmmm I’m gonna take this fucking test when I can get in front of a computer.

The test is fer sure BOG ASSSSS because Sinata’s throat Chakra should be at 123% since she can’t keep quit either!!!

Don’t fret Mode, if anything were to happen to you or Sinata I would discreetly exhume your corpses have your skulls flenced and whitened and skull fuck the holy hell out of them in remembrance of good times of the past and good times to come (pun was TOTALLY intentional…your welcome) I’d be sure to bind your spirits to the skulls so that you guys could hang out and see the good times from an entirely different perspective. I bet you won’t doubt my sacral chakra then!

In all seriousness, there is a GREAT and relatively inexpensive text on Chakras from Harish Johari. You can get him on Amazon. He also has a CD and I believe an Mp3 at Amazon as well. I have the book and have used it. I really like and respect Johari’s work. Johari did a lot for Tantra. Do some research on him. He is deceased, but his works are still selling and another great author to look into also is Ajit Moojeragi (I killed this one), but FUCK IT, he’s on Amazon too. Books on the Chakras, Kundalini, etc…good shite. I have Ajits books too. I would recommend them as well.

Well, I wasn’t planning on expiring, can’t speak for Mr.439 aka un-magickal mike…Yes, TWF, that is the plan for this man…He will never again doubt your sacral chakra…In fact, your legacy of godhood will become eternal from the legends told by the shade of Mr. 439…

Mine doesnt feel to bad…it looks like it got it more or less right O_O
stupid test…
Well what is up with them runes you all got now…
Is this like summer camp and we all have to use the same shirtS ?

Sunas, no one has to do anything they do not want to do…Necromaster had one, then I did, then others followed…Because…We are just cool like that…Also, that may be on the shirts for a dark arts summer camp…Why would you make that private information public?

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No worries :wink:

You aced it.

Well what is up with them runes you all got now.. Is this like summer camp and we all have to use the same shirtS ?


Damn, my heart chakra is in the gutter. Website basically said I’m an asshole, guess I’ll have to work on that…


I won’t have REAL computer access til Monday, just moved cribs, so I have this fucking cell until then. I did NOT take the test yet, however, lemme use my “third eye” (nope…not that one TWF!!!) to peedicked my results…

100’s on everything :slight_smile:

[quote=“sunas, post:11, topic:1358”]Well what is up with them runes you all got now…
Is this like summer camp and we all have to use the same shirtS ?[/quote]

We’re from the Balg Scout Camp and we’re selling panda meat cookies.

Oh why the hell not!

Root: under-active (-6%) agreed, I don’t trust people easily
Sacral: open (25%) agreed
Navel: under-active (-6%) don’t agree
Heart: under-active (-56%) Loving everybody? Compassionate? Are you kidding me? Most definitly agreed
Throat: open (6%) yep
Third Eye: open (12%) yep
Crown: open (6%) nope. I don’t care about the world so I surely don’t feel one with it.

Let this be my first post on this forum. I tested abysmally

Root: under-active (-62%)
Sacral: under-active (-19%)
Navel: under-active (-50%)
Heart: under-active (-19%)
Throat: under-active (-56%)
Third Eye: under-active (-19%)
Crown: under-active (-38%)