Opening a Sigil too many Times

Do any of you guys notice or get the feeling of the sigil dying if you open it more than once? Or like the connection with the entity dying out?

For Example:
I opened Asmodeus’ sigil over 10 times for the same thing over the course of two weeks. Now the sigil is just flat out dead lol.

I opened Satagraals sigil 3 times now and the connection is fading.

Is there something im doing wrong?


You’re doing too much. They don’t need you to evoke them more.


Personally I often dispose of sigils (usually burning them or dissolving them in water) after I’m done with them to avoid dead energy and empower the magic. The only one I had open multiple times was also anointed with blood each time. And I draw a new one each time I have to use the same sigil. (I almost never use sigils directly from thier respective books and instead use it as a drawing reference). I’m not sure how this is different from how you normally use sigils but changing your method might yield different results.


You’ve two options:

  1. create a new one (what I would do)
  2. re charge it (not really recommended)

Iam pretty new to this but keep Lucifers sigil drawn on paper with me where ever I go usually. I have it folded in my phone. You open that thing and the sheer power almost blows my hair back. I think I won’t need it much longer tho as out relationship grows. So I will burn it soon.

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I think this is strange because typically using the same sigil builds a better connection. Like when I took my belial sigil out at EAs house he said wow that thing is glowing.

I dont think the sigil is dying out, in my opinion you are dying out so to speak. I noticed when I do something too many times, I subconsciously expect the same “magickal experience and energy sensations”, if you will, that occured the first time. Then once you get in your head about it, it simply becomes worse and worse.


Similar to chasing that first high.


It may be you need to modify your way of doing things. Don’t assume the sigil is the problem or even that you are. They may simply be making you work harder to reach the same point. It’s like exercise, at first a 500m run would probably tire you out but after a while it becomes normal almost. So in order to keep improving you have to either run faster or further or carry extra weight. Same deal.


Time to consume the entity.

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Perhaps only the feeling decreases. It’s possible, rather, that the famous “interiorization” of the entity (so to speak) is taking place; and the second may explain the first. More connected/similar the operator become, the less he/she is going to perceive something or someone else.

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LOL @Mapachtli
Explain that shit XD

Like when you jump in a pool? At first it’s so cold that your testicles seek warmth somewhere inside your chest but as you get used to it you feel normal, warm even


Weird, for me the connection will become stronger. Try placing your hands or fingers on it and vibrate Asmodai.

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As soon as i get settled I will @Mbishop

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You could try literally eating your sigil :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: or it’s time to ascend and possession is needed so sigils become useless

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Damn thats accurate lol

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Ive been wanting to do possesion for a minute now

I’m possessed daily, pass all the sigil stuff make it all in the mind


If you are evoking to question the entity to gain knowledge i would think it would be the opposite happening. At least that is how it has happened for me.

If on the other hand you are evoking them for the manifestion of a desire and it is the same exact goal each time you may be getting in your own way energetically. :thinking:


By who XD